June 5, 2016


4 Godzilla-sized suitcases, 6 carry-ons, 1 double-stroller, 2 kids, and a 3 hour tour later we landed safely  to our home for the next two weeks! :)  The Lord is so GOOD!  The kids were great and the flight was very uneventful.  A.K.A  I didn't have to call on the name of Jesus 100 times.

Apparently, Boston is covered in a monsoon until tomorow so we made an executive decision to have a movie day, afternoon, and night!  Ha!

OH! And remember the 6 carry-olns??? Yeah.....its now 5.   Hopefully, the TSA security agent isn't selling our entire bag of SHOES to the highest bidder!!   Yep....shoes.....GONE!!
Called TSA.  Waiting for a miracle.  :)
Yes, it hasn't even been 12 hours........

As long as nobody pees in there shoes we should be fine.  I'm only saying this because its happened. 'Nuff said.  :)

We have our pre-op appointments tomorrow.   Please, pray for safety, health, and direction.
The Lord has given us incredible doctors and we are praying He is guiding their decisions and plans.
Pray for Bauer.  He's starting to get a little bit nervous.  Pray for Aubrey.  We need to make sure we are giving her as much time as him.

Here is what will be done on Wednesday.....
The surgeons will take bone out of Bauer's hip and graft it into his Alveolar bone in his uppper jaw line.  Here's a quick explanation...

"The alveolar bone is a thin layer of bone that forms the sockets around the roots of the upper teeth under the gum tissue.
When there is a cleft in the alveolar bone, it means there is a fistula (FIST-yoo-la) or hole from the mouth to the nose. This cleft in the bone and gums prevents teeth from growing properly and the floor of the nose from developing normally. Fixing the cleft to allow for proper tooth development is important to a child’s health because missing teeth can have a negative effect on eating, digestion, facial growth and appearance."
As they are doing this he is also having a lip revision.  They will take tissue from the same graft area and insert it into his lip.  This is happening as a prep for future growth.  As his face expands his lip will get thinner and thinner due to the initial bilateal cleft lip.  
They will also do a slight nose revision. 
Needless to say, I'm practiing my lamaze breathing.  Lol!  
Please, feel free to comment and share!  
We are so thankful for all of you!  The prayers, gifts, phone calls, and texts have been incredible encouraging.  Super blessed to call you friends!!


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