June 8, 2016


T-minus 3 1/2 hous and counting!!

Its finally here.  Woke up this morning so thankful the Lord got us here safe and healthy.  Now we just gotta put on our big kid pants and do this.  
I may tie a harness to Bauer just in case he tries to run.  Had a bit of a meltdown last night.  He's held it together so well up to this point.  He just needed to let it out.   
On that note..we've been so blessed to have so many other sweet families in the same boat.  Their kiddos have gone or are about to go through this same cycle.  The Lord has used this crew as a testimony to help get us all through stages and meltdowns just like this one.  
Headed to the hospital in about an hour or so.  
Bauer woke up saying, "I want some breakfast."  Umm.......quick....somebody find the Wild Kratts marathon channel and keep this boy occupied!!! ;)
Oh and I can't wait to go outside and see what Boeing Jet landed in front of our hotel around 3 a.m.!! It was probably just a dumptruck but seriously it sounded like we were on the air strip.  THE CITY IS SO LOUD AT ALL HOURS!!!  #gardenviewnexttime   Lol!  Upside??  No chance of us sleeping through any appointments.  :)
And thank you again for all of your texts and emails.   Beyond grateful.  


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