June 6, 2016

So it seems after our pre-op appointments that Bauer has changed his mind and would like to head home  Lol!  This is why God gives children parents.  But..if jumping ship were an option  I'd be airborne by 18:00!!!  :)

Our appointments went really well today.  Spoke with both surgeons and their teams and all will go as planned.  Looks like B will be out for about 3 1/2 hours.  Not too bad.  
We will find out an actual surgery time tomorrow morning.  

So now we wait, incubate ourselves from all germs, and eat as much as possible before Wednesday morning!  I would worry about Operataion Binge if we weren't taking a 480 mile trek every day. Cheaper and cleaner than taxis.  We occasionally use Uber when the volume of whining children makes me want to throw myself onto the floor and cry.  Haha!  I do have to say, however, that these kiddos are tough!  They seriously get dragged from one end of Boston to the other and rarely lose it... especially when the promise of ice cream is dangling near by!    

Our hotel is nice.  The only detail left out of the brochure is the TRAIN GOING BY OUR WINDOW EVERY 30 MINUTES!!!  ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.............BEEEEEEPPPP BEEEEEPPPP!!  Haha!! You have to laugh because finding a quiet place in the city is nearly impossible.  Between trains, ambulances, dump trucks, Chernobyl birds (ha!), and college party scene you just have to expect noise.  Simple affirmation as to why we are staying outside the city after surgery.  :) 

These are the two surgeons that will be with Bauer man....Absolutely fantastic people that we are ever thankful for.   Be praying for them too! 

Will check back later!  Got a coloring contest to win!  haha!!


Stacy Houghtaling said...

Love & prayers to you all.

Daphne said...

What hotel are you in? Listen, don't mind telling me to mmob...just interested in knowing what might be out there and doable that I don't know about!

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