June 8, 2016

Phase 1 done!

Hey guys!

Sorry it took so long.

Finally got him back into the OR around 12:45.  They tried doing the IV without gas and it was NOT happening.  No big deal.  It just takes a few minutes more to make him oozy doozy before the actual IV.  Can't blame him.  I hate needles being gouged in my arm too!!
No worries....Dr. Smehyl is in the house! 

For you cleft mamas...they give you gas or iv option.......go with gas.  Not worth them crying and panicking.   Remember the harness??? Yep....thought I was gonna have to use it.    

The nurses were so wonderful, as usual.  I was able to sit back there with him until he started seeing unicorns.  (They really should box that stuff up and put it on the Tylenol aisle).   Have to admit I kind of broke down too.  I know he is going to be completely fine and our situation could be so much worse but a mamas heart is a mamas heart.
But on that note....I NEVER EVER want anyone reading this blog to think we ever feel sorry for ourselves or need a pity party.  We share because we know God has used other families' testimonies and we pray ours is an encouragement to someone too.  This entire blog was started to educate and encourage other families because we knew what it felt like to have absolutley know idea which direction to head or what different stages held.   God has been beyond good since day 1 and we know He will continue.  All thanks and praise to HIM!!

I think we'll all agree that there comes a point in one's life when spying someone's bare end out of the back of their gown is not in adorable in any way whatsoever.  Thank God...we're not there yet.  Lol! This was Bauer at his first surgery at 5 months and the other is today.  We promised we wouldn't post one with his butt out (not that we don't have the pic :))  so this will have to do.  Still super handosme.

We were updated around 2:30 p.m.  Bone graft is complete and incredibly successful.  His little bootay is going to be super sore but after a couple of days he should be functioning a little closer to normal.  He had 5 teeth extracted as well so I hope the Tooth Fairy has a savings account!

Dr. Mulliken is now starting his lip and nose.  He should be done in about an hour.   Hoping we will be back there by 6:00 p.m.


Daphne said...

Lord help - I've been on pins and needles all day!

Nikki Swaine said...

What a day!! Hang in there

Jennifer ford said...

There are no better words after sending your child to surgery than "incredibly successful" !! Yay!! Praying he heals fast. So awesome to be on the other side of this one!

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