June 9, 2016

Long NIght!


"A thousand years in Your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night."  Psalm 90:4 

For us, the night felt like 1000 years!!  Lol!  
Anyone that has every stayed over night in the hospital knows what I mean.  I should've just locked the door.  I seriously believe they make it loud and disruptive so you never ever want to stay longer than you have to.  I mean.....if it were quiet...I'd be fine with people waiting on me all day!  Lol! 

And praise God for my husband and Starbucks Ice Caramel Latte's!!  I'm just sayin'.  Its legal so I'm drinking as many as possible.  :)   Big shout out to my kids and parents at school for the Starbucks Card gifts!   

Bauer came through all surgeries incredibly well!   His face was understandly swollen and very sore.
So proud of this kid.

We had started giving water but I think it was a little to soon.  He swallowed so much blood that it didn't sit right and eventually came back up.  If you are going to try liquids just make sure its slow.  We used the syringe and will use that for the next several weeks.  They said the paper cup is fine as well but be careful while they are swollen.  It tends to spill everywhere.    

The nose revision was minor compared to his first round.  This one was done to help with symmetry.  This part wasn't very sore this time.   I wish I could explain the time and precision our doctors give to their patients.  They want it perfect.  And we are so appreciative!

The Bone graft brought back memories from his palate surgery.  Swollen mouth, tender and bloody.  (not gonna give a pic - little gross)  There are lots of stitches from the teeth extractions and grafting.  I said, " Hey buddy, try not to let your tongue mess with your stitches" B, "I can't...they're everywhere!"  Well then lets just meet in the middle and try not to tie square  knots with them.  :)  He also has gauze in his nostril that was driving him crazy but couldn't be taken out until Dr. M arrived.   The boy couldn't breathe!!
Next phase....catheter.................yep.
He was able to get up and walk to the bathroom with help.  Not gonna say it was pretty but we did it.  Could've used a Bauer-sized Bjorn.  Haha!   Gonna try and get some miles in later.  Feet....I meant...Feet!!  ;-)

Dr. Padwa's team came in and said he was doing better than 99.9% of patients!!  YAY!!!
The Lord has been so good every time we go through a round like this.  Yes, Bauer cries, whines, and he hurts but he hangs in there and fights.
Her fellow doctor checked out his hip and everything looks great!

And then out of nowhere we heard bells ringing and we have the go-ahead for JELLO!!!  Might as well have been a T-bone!  Bauer says, "Man....that's pretty good!".   I tried to keep my fingers out of the way just in case.  This boy is hungry!!
Dr. Mulliken arrived and out came the 4 1/2 foot packing!!  Ok...maybe it wasn't that long but I could've used it as a dinner napkin.  No wonder he couldn't breathe!!
He said everything looks great and he sees no reason that we can't be released.  HALLELUJAH!

This incredbly gifted man and his team have been with our guy since day 1!!  So thankful for him and the gifts God has given him.   Like Adam said, "God could have healed him in one second but He chose to use man in the process."  What a neat experience to be able to give such blessing to families.  Not sure if some of you know how we even found Childrens Hospital Boston.  When we first heard about Bauer's cleft we started researching in our initial clueless attempts to find a great facility.  I, being a new mom and scared to death, wanted to see if anyone could do the surgery in utero.  A friend called me one day and said, "Hey, I found a hospital that does this but they've only tried it on goats."  haha!  Well, my bleating wasn't quite up to par but what the heck!!  Let's call.  We did, and no, they hadn't tried it out on actual humans(dang!) but I remember Dr. M calling me back on my cellphone within 24 hours.  He spoke directly to me and acted like I was already a patient and that Bauer was one of his kids!!  I knew the Lord had opened a door and we would do whatever we needed to make it happen. God supplied and our adventure began.

Dr. Padwa is another incredible blessing.  This is our first round having to deal with dental concerns.  She has been great with Bauer and truly treats him like he is important.  She is one of the main reasons we were able to get in so quickly.  At our April appointment she made sure Bauer was scheduled ASAP bc his teeth were moving in too quickly.   Many doctors with a booked schedule like hers would have made us wait and said, "sorry.  can't do it."  She made it happen and we are so thankful.  

Being released soon.  Thank you all for your texts and love.  Your guys are a treasure!

Pray for B.  He's sore and the stitches are irritating him.  Walking is a task right now so we are praying for strength and quick healing. We know your prayers are a major part of why he's doing so well!
Lots of love!!


Aunt Martha said...

We now know what it means to "pray without ceasing". This is all wonderful news.
Your blog is a blessing.
Love to you all-

Jennifer Ford said...

Thank you for all the info for those of us heading straight into this storm. He looks great.

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