June 12, 2016

Roller Coaster

Its been beautiful weather here.  Sorry if I made my fellow Floridians snarl!  I heard everyone is wearing floaties down there.  :)
50s and breezy up our way.  But if you know me, that's getting really close to my "stay-inside-and-hibernate" temp.   Again, my sweaty Florida friends......I'm sorry.

So the last 2 days have been up and down.
I am so so thankful for a couple of things...
- my husband for his patience and not on a permanent walk down the beach.  :)
- my dad for spending time and money to come up here and help us.  Its been such a blessing
- my grandma for coming up after dad leaves to do the same.  They are a true gift.
- friends and family that have sent texts, emails, gifts, and other surprises just to show some love.  Absolutely humbling and it has brought great encouragement.
- for blenders. Thankful I don't have to regurgitate my food for Bauer like mama birds do.  (However, the curb appeal may be about the same.)
- Cleft mamas!  You girls are amazing!
- that MidFlorida hasn't called and canceled our account.  Lol!  I'm just sayin'.
- for Christ.  He is supplying when we don't expect it and He's patient beyond measure.  Wish I could say I was such a put-together believer that trusting God was just easy.  But the truth is its a daily struggle to just know He's got this.  To remember what all He's done in the past and He's worthy of trust.  So thankful He continues to whisper - its alright.  Thankful for the Creator of all things that we get to call Father.

Well.....the blender has been a champ.  My dad's Vitamix has been great.  Bauer wanted hamburgers for dinner so....... cooked the hamburger, gravy, etc...........and then pressed puree.  And Voila!  Gooburger!!Mmmmm.....
Bauer said, "Its looks like vomit but takes like heaven!"  Haha!   We used a syringe like this one.

Yes, it looks awful but I've been trying to make sure we taste it too.  I think it helps.  If you can get over the awkward smell/texture combo you're fine!  IF you can ....... :)

Other successful meals have been chicken and yellow rice (be careful with rice),  soup, peas, chicken breast, mac and cheese.  Its pretty amazing how many things can be pureed.  We also have lots of fruit and veggie pouches like this one.
Most of them are on the baby food aisle.  They aren't too bad.  Lots of options.  Great to have in the bag when out of the house or just need a quick snack.  We have actually been able to use the spoon a little bit but it makes me nervous.  Its allowed but if its in a spoon it means the food is a thicker consistency which your brain automatically wants to tell your mouth to chew.  CHEW = BAD.  Watching him like  a hawk, Bauer seems to be doing really well using just his tongue with a few of these foods.  Just BE CAREFUL!!

We had a visit from the tooth fairy last night!  Bauer had 5 teeth extracted - show me the money!!  He woke up to a nice little gift that I hope he offeres to buy me coffee with.  :)
So Team Smehyl does not like to sit very long.  We are outside, on-the-move people.  Trying to remember we need to take it easy but we're starting to get the kind of cabin fever that a game of UNO just ain't gonna fix.   Thankfully, outside the rental is a small rocky beach area.  Its no Anna Maria but its outside!  Didn't go out much the first couple of days bc we didn't want sand, etc. getting in his sutures.   But by day 4 we were crab digging and rock hunting!   And zero reports of being pinched!    Kiddos had a blast.   I kept praying the vision I had of Bauer face-planting on the rocks wouldn't happend.   Is it just me or do other mamas think this way??  Lol!

Honest assessment of the last few days?  Exhausted, encouraged, discouraged, confident, clueless, laughing, crying and taking it day by day.

Did I mention what a trooper this girl has been??  She asked if the tooth fairy would leave her money if she left the shark's tooth she found under her pillow.  Haha!


Jennifer Ford said...

Love your post and love the idea of staying near the coast! I will definitely want info on where to stay but I'll wait till you get back as we won't even have a plan or date till clinic in July. Hoping he's not in much pain.

Bauer Smehyl said...

Hey Jenn! Its been so worth it. You know the craziness of the city. Much slower pace over here and there's everything you need. I would advise a rental car. The place we are in was just as much as a much smaller place in the city. Hope you are feeling well. Praying for you guys! Keep us posted on July clinic!

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