June 12, 2016

Good Times!

Much better day today.  Lots of laughs and a big smile from B man.   Swelling gets better every day.  We were able to get out of town for a bit too.  Bauer was less worried about being around people. Side note:  Does the back seat have an amplifier that detects when bodies under the age of 10 are present?  WHY ARE THEY SO LOUD?!?!  Its a cinemax-theatre-Star-Wars kind of loud.
And in reference to an earlier post....we are never allowed to have grapes in the car again.  "Aubrey, here...I bought you some grapes."  one millisecond later..."Ahh, man.  I dumped them all on the floor."  I bet if it was a candy bar you could've held that thing through a demolition derby!
Breathe.....breathe.....turn up the music and roll up the pretend limo window.   :)

On the way back we found a great playground!  I did have a list of "not to dos".  You will not...
- make a ninja warrior course
- climb rock walls
- climb trees
- get on anything higher than your knees
- chase ANYTHING
Bascially, you can stand still by the baby swings and watch all the little kids and your sister have fun. Ok....so I didn't actually give him the list, but it was running through my mind.  Listen.....if this boy trips on a Tic Tac and messes up his mouth I'm booking the room next to him during the repair.  This mama's nerves ain't got time for that!
There was a great skate park too!  Aubrey now says she wants a skateboard.  Might as well.  We've met our deductible and have 6 months left!!  Hahaha!  You gotta laugh.

Food is fairly steady.  Smehyls Smorgasbord served up Mac and Cheese, cereal, pudding, jello, and eggs today.  He's not eating nearly what he usually does.  I think its mostly due to the need to chew and the goo menu being a little too goo-like.   Poor guy is trying so hard.  We just have to keep being creative and try whatever he will eat.   We cut off a little bit of the syringe today to give him more food at one time.  Seemed to help.

Got out by the water this afternoon!  It is FREEZING and covered in toe-cutting rocks so naturally the kids wanted to take a few laps.  We settled for feet dipping.  It didn't last long with these Florida babes.

This guy was scuba diving near us yesterday and brought his catch of lobster over to show the kids. He said if he found more he'd bring us some!!  We had chicken for dinner.......

We get stitches out tomorow.  Pray they gas him, otherwise, he says he won't let them do it.  That oughta go well.
Gotta go school these kids in some Pac Man!!

Dad got back safely today and Ganny heads up tomorrow.  Pray for safety!

Love y'all!


Nikki Swaine said...

Looks like things are heading in the right direction!!

Bauer Smehyl said...

Yes! Still trying to be creative with the food but all is going very well! Thanks!

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