June 7, 2016


Flat and Happy!

One of the most difficult parts of staying in a hotel room is not having a kitchen.  We usually find some well-priced eats close by.  There's a bagel/muffin breakfast included downstairs but if you know my kids......it might as well be 2 Cheerios.  They devour it as a starter.  Lol!  
Busy Bees breakfast diner just across the street was fantastic.  Our table looked like we were prepping for winter hibernation and wouldn't see the light of day for a couple months. Look..... I can't help it they serve all pancakes on separate plates. Space issues. Lol!  

Later we ran into an area that I think is suppose to be a state park.  I assume this based only on a random man in ranger uniform not on the scenery or wildlife.  Lol!  We did see turtles but I wasn't convicned they were actually alive.  

We tried geocaching but once Bauer picked up an old nasty lighter covered in reasons for antibitocs I was DONE!   After wiping our hands, face, ears, knees, and any other skin exposed to the recent wilderness wonders of Slime Park we took off to a nearby playground.   2nd round was much much much better.   We set up a few American Ninja Warrior courses (both kids won their division - :) )  , fed the birds our snacks, and watched a woman hang what looked like underwear from the swing equipment.  Odd.  We tried to stay upwind.  

"See, Dr. Mulliken, what had happened was........"

A quick ice cream stop and we headed home.

Anytime we travel more than a couple of miles we always take the pack mule!!  AKA....the double stroller.  We call her Natasha - (the reason why is a whole different story - Lol)  It helps tremendously when we have too much to carry or when both kids decide their legs won't work any more. It has taken us to more places than I can name and has never complained.......until today. Natasha was FLAT!!  I can't blame her!!  140 lbs of child and random travel supplies would make a buffalo surrender!  No worries though. Quick trip to the bike shop and we're back on the road!  

Should find out exact surgical times this afternoon.  

Much love!


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Kristin J said...

Thanks for the update. Will keep praying. :-)


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