June 15, 2016

Sitch Day

Day 6 was FULL!

Got up early to get a run in before we headed downtown.  Its about 45ish minutes away and the appointment was 1:45 p.m.   No problem!  We left around 11:00 and figured we'd have plenty of time to get a bite for lunch.  The plan was for Adam to drop Bauer and I off at the hospital while he went to get my grandmother at the airport.  
Well......a "let's stop by the running store on our way" ended up putting us on the other side of the planet in the middle of China town.   If there's one sure way to destroy a marriage its city traffic.  Throw in hungry kids and being late for an appointment and the apacolypse is right around the corner.   However, I was encouraged that if we were permanently stranded this beauty was nearby... ----->
After yelling at Google maps and attempting to click my ruby reds together we finally found our way back.
Hulk-smashed some ziti noodles in the cafeteria and B was able to get a little bit in his belly.

So getting stitches out is NOT big deal but Bauer was not looking forward to it at all.  Part of me gets irritated but I tried to stop and realize this boy has been through an incredibly amount of pain and discomfort and is tired of being poked and prodded.   So here goes.....

When they are little the docs put them to sleep to remove stitches.   Bauer ordered up a dose of anesthesia and was greatly disappointed.  Again, you and I realize its not a big deal but this is the first time he's been awake for stitch removal AND the previous 4 days have been a bit rough.   Its just not what he wanted to do.  I mentioned the catheter again and that seemed to help........ for a few seconds.
Do you think the doctors realize their shadows lurking at the doorway initiates an immediate fear of the unknown?   Lol!  Every time we saw a shadow we'd look at each other and wait........then the shadow would leave..... Whew!  Bauer was secretly praying they'd forget about us.
Then we hear the hospital intercom, "Attention, we have a code red on level 5...code red!'
Bauer, "We need to leave."  Lol!  Umm...oh no.  Nice try.  We are NOT missing this appointment.
"Bauer, we should lock the door." "Yes, Please, Mom!"  Then we hear a baby in another room screaming her head off and Bauer says, "Bet she's getting her stitches out."  I was dying laughing but he was seriously nervous about the whole thing.  "Mom, you've never been through this!"  In my mind I'm thinking, "You're right.  I've only been carved open to have 2 children shoveled from the depths of my womb.  What could I possibly know?"   Haha!  I just tried to remember his situation and be on his team without letting him run!!   He's been my hero and one tough kid through this whole thing.  Prayed for strength, cried a bit, talked a bit and it was time to go!
The shadow lurketh once more and the door opened.  We were hoping for lunch but the doc and his team emerged.   Lol.
They were very pleased with the lip and nose site.  Stitches came out quickly and we were ready for the next set.   You can see there was still a bit of swelling but MUCH less than a couple days ago.  Dr. Mulliken said everything looked great!

Now Dr. Padwa's team would take the hip stitches out.  This one took a little bit of coaxing.  The bandage was tight, sticky and sore.  The area is tender and understandably uncomfortable when people touch it.
One stitch was far from easybut afterwards Bauer did end up laughing bc he realized he may have overreacted a bit.   He has rarely shed a tear through this whole process but I think his nerves had maxed out.   This is the incision area just above his right hip.
I don't care what you say......THIS BOY IS A BEAST AND WE COULDN'T BE PROUDER!

Again, I can't say enough about our doctors and their teams.  They are absolutely incredible.

Surgical Procudure (a bit graphic) 
this isn't Bauer's but its an example of the bone graft

Afterwards, Bauer was asked to talk to a little guy who was nervous about his bone graft happening the following morning.    Pretty neat experience.

We are finally free!!  We'll  return in two weeks for a check-up but then nothing until our annual clinic in the spring!  Woohoo!!    Praise God we made it!

Whew..glad we can relax!!   And other than Aubrey peeing her pants, a truck in front of us jack-knifing and flipping his vehicle, Adam almost choking to death, and nearly getting rear-ended in a car pool line whilst choking episode......it was like being at the spa.

Needless to say we spent the remainder of the day taking it easy and enjoying some down time.


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