June 10, 2016

Breakin' Outta Here!

575 papers signed and 3700 lines disconnected and we are FREE!!    This was yesterday.  He was ready to go home!! Ah man....I was really enjoying the toddler-sized chair/bed I was using!! Whatevs...let's get!

The last time we had a big surgery Bauer was 9 months old.  It was just Adam and I so we could just stay wherever.  And we didn't have food concerns bc Bauer was still on formula and baby food.
This round we knew a simple hotel room wasn't going to cut it.  This surgery involved a longer stay and obvious food modifications.  We needed a kitchen, laundry,and room for a family of 4, visitiors, and way too much luggage.
The city is ridiculously expensive for almost zero room.  We figured if we were going to spend the money we might as well have what we need. We researched places on the outskirts and found a cute area near the coast about 35 miles away.   Email me if you need details.
I am so thankful this place was available.  Plenty of room and most importantly a grocery store nearby.    My opinion...If you need the room just get it.    Let's be real.  We'd all rather be home right now.  Its not like you're spending nonsense money on randomness. I felt guilty for a while but I had to get over it.   Its necessary.
We ended up having to rent a car too. We would have come close to $600 or more in taxis after the 12 days so it was a no brainer.
Now, I may end up leaving Adam in Boston for a month or seven to pay it all off but he'll be ok.   :)
Till death do us part, right?   Haha!

Beleive it or not this is a 7 seater.   Lets play.....Where are the kids???  Lol!  We have enough luggage to open up a thrift store.  Might not be a bad idea.  Where's Shark Tank when I need them?!

But on a more important note.....WE GET TO EAT TODAY!!  I asked the nurse if we could start chowin'. Otherwise, Bauer may start gnawing on the furniture.
Remember....they can't chew ANYTHING!  No straws either.   Spoons I tried but I until his mouth his healed up a bit more I just don't feel comfortable.   Spoons work if you just dump food like jello or pudding items but they can't put pressure on the spoon itself.   I wouldn't try to "make it work".  Its not worth something getting messed up and having to go back.
Blended Mac and Cheese baby!!  Mmmmm.......
Short Story - It blended, he ate, he's as happy as a bird with a french fry!
Tonight he wants hamburger.......Mmmmm....liquidy hamburger.....with a side of pureed tater tots......Mmmmm.
Not hungry anymore???   Sorry.   Ha!
I told my teeth today how thankful I was that I can use them.  

So today he was much more swollen but the hospital said to expect it.  Not scary or anything but just be prepared.   He doesn't like the picture of himself today so email me if you want it.  I told him I wouldn't post.  Little bit of a chipmunk-look happening.  Cutest chipmunk I've ever seen but still.

And we've already begun our Star Wars marathon!!  Watching Episode III tonight.  Aubrey loves it but starts to get a little side-tracked about half way through.   She's been such a trooper.

I apologize if these posts are a little more info than you are really wanting but I know some families want the details bc their babies will be going through the same thing soon.  

Much love!


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