June 7, 2016



We have surgery scheduled for 12:30 p.m. tomorrow.
Advantage - Don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn
Disadvantage - Big man doesn't get to eat after midnight.  Only water or apple juice.

He says, "I'll NEVER survive."  Pray for a full belly.

B will be under anesthesia for about 3 1/2 hours.   He's never had issues with it and he's been under way longer before so we are praying that continues.
I'm actually starting to feel so anxious that I might ask them to hook me up too!  :)

I wish I could explain how the Lord has been faithfully reminding me to stay calm.  I have failed miserably 99.9% of the time thus far, but I do sense Him saying, "Calm down.  I got this."
There is an expected (I may be the only one in my family to agree with this) level of concern and caution when trying to keep them healthy and away from anything that might hinder this surgical process.  SOOOOOO much time and money has been invested and I don't want to screw it up.   Yes, I occassionally move from cautious to CODE RED but its all out of good intentions.  I'm convinced, however, the Lord has a sense of humor and has reminded me I can't put them in a hamster ball. (Unless, of course, someone has one I can borrow.)

When I sit back and think of some of the things that I've said or that the kids have done over the past 3 days I have to laugh.  I want to cry.......but I'll laugh.  These are just a few.....

"Stop biting her hand!"
"Don't lick your hands, for the love of all creation!!!"
"Stop fighting or you'll get hit by a car!!"
"What in the......Why in the world are there random grapes smashed in the bottom of this bag?!?!?"
"Mom, we've already walked 47,000 miles!!!!" (not true - he was off by a good 1000)
"Stop eating cereal off the floor!!"
"Aubrey, leave the garbage cans alone!!!"
"Bauer, why are you  trying to eat leaves off the tree?!?!?"
Bauer was inches away from stepping right on a DEAD SQUIRREL!!  A DEAD SQUIRREL!!  Why is there a dead squirrel on the one path we are taking!?!?!?!
I heard a giant thump thinking the roof had caved in and  Aubrey had fallen off the bed!! Are we on a ship in a hurricane?? Did I miss something???  Why are people rolling off of beds??
"Dad, don't push me in the river!" - is that really something that needs to be feared???
"Bauer, quit climbing on the child impaling equipment!!!?  Exhibit A.....

And poor Aubrey's ear drum ruptured before we left Florida and she can't here "a dump truck drivig through a nitroglycerin plant!" (for those of you who know the quote.....you're welcome. :) ) She seriously is having a hard time hearing.  Please, pray the fluid in her ears dries up.

     What people may think we're feeling about it all...  

       How we really feel............

Keep the prayers coming.  LOL!

My dad arrived today and he treated us all to dinner.  Super Awesome!   Bauer decided he wanted lasagna before surgery day so off to Italy we went!
Our waitress brought his food and said, "Buddy, if you finish all of this I'll give you all my tips from the night"  Everyone's eyes at the table shot open and we all said, "Uh ma'am.....you may not want to make that bet."  Hahaha!!  Of course, we didn't see her the rest of the night.

I really have to give a shout out to my Aubrey Cakes.  This girl has been rolling with the punches!

We were able to get in a run today too!  Later, Bauer says, "This was a pretty good day." :)  Yep!

Thank you all again.  Your comments, texts, etc.  have been so encouraging.  I honestly think the only reason I haven't completely lost it is because I know we are covered in prayer.
Thank you!

Much Love!


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