May 23, 2011

Missing Moments

I realize I've already posted a few new items, but as I read through a few older posts I was reminded AGAIN how much time has passed since my blogging skills fell off the face of the earth! It would take weeks to catch you up on all the Smehyl land adventures. So I will do what I can to capture our moments in the best delayed fashion possible. I am not promising anything to be in perfect chronological order. At this point posting again is a Victory in my life! :) If there are any misspellings its probably because one of my children decided to pounce on me at just the right minute and somehow manage to post things of which I am completely unaware. But I do promise that I will not wait until our next child is born to continue posting. This will be easy since we aren't having any more children. ha!

I do feel somewhat bad for letting you guys down a bit. I love keeping up with everybody and for all you know our little family could have decided to live under the sea with our cousin Ariel, gone to the serengeti with our friend Simba, or even become movie stars on the road with our sweet dog Bolt. Who knows? Anything could have happened. So I will do my best to keep you updated on the newest news with our little crew! Hope you enjoy!!

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