May 24, 2011

Always on the Go!!

Whether its hiking, walking, running, fishing, kayaking, or just playing outside our family loves to go go go!) Perhaps its learned behavior, but Bauer and Aubrey love being outside as much as we do. Either way we are incredibly blessed. Now don't get me wrong we greatly enjoy our sit-on-the-couch-with-the-third-cup-of-coffee days too, but you know as well as I do with kids its easier on everyone to just go do somethin'! And its usually not the third cup anyways. Its more like the 3rd time microwaving it after being sidetracked by super hero attacks, stinky diapers, hungry bellies, and 3 million questions. It's amazing how kids change things. While we are on the subject her are a few "then and nows" you might relate to:

1. Then -Car rides were filled with intelligent conversations, holding of hands, and great music - Now - You spend time talking to yourself or speaking a language only the baby you're communicating with can interpret. ooshhii, doodi, baba, goo - popular terms used. Perhaps your Raffi cd is scratched and Wheels on the Bus plays 14 times in a row. Then there's always the point when hungry hits every child at the same time producing a sense of complete panic as though we've just been told we're never going to eat again. Just remember to breathe until the car slows down just enough to roll out without breaking any bones!! HA!
2. Then - Grocery Store run lasted 10 minutes - Now - After you've unbuckled everyone, dismantled stroller, given out snacks, and changed diapers, you reach the entrance only to realize you've left the list in the car. Everyone knows you don't even TRY to go back. You pray to the good Lord that your memory holds up for at least 30 minutes. Wooh! Finally, you get inside. Hmm. What was I in here for? Well, we're gonna just shoot from the hip. After 10 minutes of being inside people begin to wonder why you keep shouting, "HEY! Get back over here now!", "NO MORE GUMMIES!", or "Quit kicking me!" 27 times before you reach aisle 3. There are times when you must call for an "ABANDON BUGGY". This is when the trip has reached such a point of chaos and confusion you simply grab the children, abandon the buggy, and head for the doors. On those good days when you make it to the checkout line you feel totally horrible because you've said "No." to every single item on the candy line. But the guilty feeling soon leaves when you've realized your kid almost pushed the "cash back" button totaling $100 more than your groceries!! Eventually, we leave with juice, 1 1/2 apples, 1 opened bag of chips, a carton of half broken eggs, 3 jars of baby food, ice cream, and some toy that has been sucked on for the last hour. None of which were on the list. You just reach a point when you start throwing stuff in the buggy, make yourself feel like you went shopping, and run for your life.
Whew! Let's get out of here. Cross back through cars, unload random groceries, buckle everyone up, snack delivery, ........where are my keys? Oh boy. hmm. Oh there they are! hanging outside the truck. oh and look there's my wallet on the road. At least we all made it back safely. Finally get home. "What are we having for dinner?" "Chicken!" ---- Oh no. I forgot the chicken. It was on the list. ;)
Maybe tomorrow.

3. Staying at a hotel- Then- was a relaxing getaway. Time to sit and watch a movie, order room service, and take a quick dip in the pool. hahahahahaha!! yeah right!! NOW - NEVER book a hotel too far away to come home in case of a LEVEL 3 MELT DOWN. You know, the kind when you find yourself screaming and crying just because everyone else is screaming and crying. If you haven't had to use a UHAUL to travel consider yourself blessed. We always pack one of everything JUST IN CASE!! Just in case what, Stacy? The world ends? I'm really starting to think I have a problem.
Let's go down to the beach. Okay, everybody up, eat breakfast, clean up the toys, find a bathing suit or anything that resembles a bathing suit, meander on over to the sunscreen station where everyone is COATED in Banana Boat 95 for kids from head to toe. Find shoes, grab a raft for everyone. I mean EVERYONE!! I'm not in the mood for temper tantrums. If you don't have one then borrow the neighbors. We'll tell them when we get back. lol! 2 hours later we start our trek down to the beautiful ocean water. Half way there you hear, "Mommy, I'm firsty." "Mommy, I'm hungry". "Mommy, I'm hot." Just keep the train moving. Stay focused. We're almost there. Ah, finally my toes are touching the water. What? "Mommy, I wanna go to the pool." UGH!! To the pool we go. WAAAAHHHH!!! Ah the baby hasn't eaten in 3 hours. I'll feed her real quick in the hot burning sun. Gosh, I feel faint. Oh that's because I haven't eaten since yesterday. Geez these kids keep me busy! No worries. I'll eat tomorrow........and step, step, step, step. We'll do what it takes to keep this fun factory moving! LOL!


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