July 1, 2009

Where should I sit?

He could play in the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or even the bathroom. But today he chooses a laundry basket. Yep, no reason to even have the rest of the house. Think of the money we could have saved. Maybe we should all get baskets!! ha!!!

Mini Vacation!

Adam and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary this week!! Woo Woo!! We decided to splurge a little bit and actually LEAVE town. Gaylord Palms in Orlando has an anniversary special if you stay 2 nights. It was a unanimous YES!! Once we got there they even upgraded us to a suite for free. The second night my brother and grandma brought Bauer up and stayed the second in another room. We had a blast. The best part was the pool. It has a gradual decline at one end giving Bauer the option to actually swim by himself!!! Well, I don't know if it actually counts as swimming. It's more of a splash everywhere and jump all over mommy and daddy kind of action. Either way he loves it and we get to relax a little. What a great anniversary!


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