July 3, 2009

Readin' & Pickin'

Bauer loves animals. His animal books get more use than any others. While watchin' him read with daddy is one of my favorite things, what he eats for a snack is a little unsettling. I love how he looks at me right in the middle of it like, "If she sees me she's not gonna like it." I'm trying to train him to at least wipe it on his shirt. But Lord knows, right as he starts doing that I'll run into some famous big name person in public and have my son sitting there covered in boogies lookin' like the "mom of the year". Oh geeze. What ever to do!?!?

1 comment:

Joy Howse said...

That is just too adorable!! I love to watch my hubby read to the kiddos. And if you get any wise advice on the pickin' please do share!! Can't seem to get it in my kiddos heads that it is not ok! YUCK


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