March 29, 2009

Time with Buddies

This weekend we spent time with some of our dearest friends. Doug & Katie were down from Atlanta during our Spring Break and we jumped at the chance to meet up with them. We had a blast and Bauer & Ellie were finally able to spend some time together with their buddy Pierce. It was funny watching the difference between daycare and homecare toddlers. Bauer and Ellie's vocabulary was full of "mine, go, no, aaahhhhh" while Pierce was,"mommy, daddy, cup, etc. and the occassional stare at our daycare babies like, "oh my, what is happening? Why are these mommies chasing these kids around?" Pretty hilarious.

March 28, 2009

Time to catch up!!

Well since we haven't posted since January I'll do my best to update you on the past 2 months.

It's one of my mid-year resolutions to keep this thing a little more fresh!!

Bauer is doing great. He has gone from 110% boy to 115%. It's hilarious. Run run go go run run go go......... throw run run ..........yell a little bit.............go go go go go go .......................get a drink and do it all over again.

And he is TALKING TALKING TALKING!! It absolutely amazes me how quickly these little people pick up on things. His last speech evaluation went really well and we just praise the Lord. He is using tons of words and trying to put them together to, of course, tell me and daddy what to do. He's getting very good at it actually. It's funny to think how we as adults spiritually struggle with "It's all about me" sometimes. I'm convinced it's because we've been trying to fight it since birth. Here are some of Bauer's favorites:

1. "Mommy,......juice!
2. "!
3. "Mommy..........I want it."
4. "Mommy.......go outside!!"
5. "Mommy.....GO, GO, GO!
6 "Mommy.....No"
7. "Mommy..... I don't want it"
8. "Mommy......more, more, more"
9. "Mommy.....I'm ready!" (usually to eat, for me to chase him, pull him in the wagon, or for daddy to play football tackle.)
10. "Mommy...... all done"
11. "Mommy......Bite" (usually wants to eat whatever I'm eating)
12. " read"

But even with all the commands and demands from our little guy there is nothing sweeter than hearing him say, "Hey Mama, Hey Daddy".

Here are some pics from the last couple months. By far my favorite are the two videos. The one with him eating may need a little bit of explanation:

When Adam and I fix our coffee we put whipped cream on top. Bauer loves it and in his mind coffee is the whipped cream. So now when we go to any coffee house Bauer says, "coppee, coppee, coppee, coppee". He gets a shot of whipped cream in a small coffee cup and eats it with a straw. I can't wait until he actually tastes the REAL stuff!! :)

Button Ups!

This post is for Sabra's Journey blog. You posted a comment about where to find button-ups but there isn't a "comment or a contact" area on your blog. This is the only way I knew to repond. We found them at JcPenney. I believe Target has them now too. I hope this helps. Sorry I couldn't get to you another way. You are totally welcome to e-mail us if you would like.
Let us know if we can help you with anything else!! :)

Your little man is adorable!!
Everybody should check Mr. Hudson out!!


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