June 19, 2008


The babies had a blast today playing in the water. Of course, Ellie crawled all over the place and Bauer stayed in no more than 2 spots the entire time. It's almost like watching a grizzly bear and a butterfly play together. Hilarious. I expect at any moment we'll look over and Bauer will be bench pressing Ellie.
By the way, I bet you can't guess who owns all the fun toys today? Here's a hint.......IT'S ALL PINK! :)

Smehyls = 4

Bauer wanted to announce he will be a big proud brother very soon!!! Yep, THERE'S A BUN IN THE OVEN!! We found out about a week ago that the Lord has blessed us with another little life. We're both very excited and anxious. The doc says we're about 5 weeks along so it's still really early. Just praying the Lord will keep the baby healthy and that everything over the next 8 weeks fuses together perfectly. The lip and palate finish fusing around 12 weeks. We know the Lord will provide for whatever happens, but still praying for wholeness.

Is there something on my face?

Bauer is trying all kinds of new foods. He will pretty much eat anything you put in front of him. Actually, he'll put anything he can pick up in his mouth -- grass, dog hair, sticks, mulch, carpet fluffs, newspaper, receipts, magazines, etc. etc. We constantly have to keep an eye on what he has in his hands. Usually, if it's something he knows he shouldn't have he'll try and turn his back to us as to hide the evidence!! It's pretty funny!
Today he was eating some blueberries and we couldn't resist snappin' this shot!!


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