June 16, 2008

A new playpen!

Well, we thought about buying Bauer a playpen soon, but it seems he found something he likes better!! I wanted to toss him into a bowl of sanitizer when I saw this, but it was too funny not to take a quick pic!!

Clean Ears!!

We took Bauer to his Ear, Nose, Throat specialist, Dr. Cotter, last week in Orlando to check on a recent infection and to have his hearing checked. There was concern that his ears were still red after a week on antibiotics. After examining they also noticed his eardrums had perforated on both sides which explained the load of drainage over the last 3 days They decided Bauer needed tubes put in ......................................THE NEXT MORNING!!

The day before the doctor had an emergency surgery twenty minutes before we arrived so we didn't get to have Bauer examined. One drive to Orlando. They felt bad for making us drive so far and cancelling so the next day they were able to get us in. Now 2 trips to Orlando. So when she said "he needs to go ahead and have tubes put in TOMORROW" I've never wished so badly that I had my pilot's license!! ;) She said the palate probably isn't functioning 100% yet so that's probably added to the build-up and infection. It needed to be removed quickly.

We're just so thankful that we found a great doctor who's worked with cleft children. It's what was best for Bauer. We would have driven to Miami if needed, but 3 trips back and forth to Orlando in 3 days was a little crazy. Praise the Lord Adam and I were both able to make it and Bauer got the help he needed.

The surgery lasted about 20 minutes. Bauer came around the corner on his bed drinking a sippy cup. He was good to go! We couldn't believe how fast it was. The doctor said there was a massive amount of stuff in his ears. The best news of the whole day was that the perforations had already healed over. Praise praise praise. We're so cautious with Bauer's hearing. We don't want to do anything to cause any permanent damage.
I wondered a few times over those 3 days if we did the right thing in March by not putting the tubes in, but we both felt at peace with the decision and we can't change it now. The Lord knew what was coming and he allowed us to get the help we needed when we needed it.

"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" Matthew 6:27

Hide n' Seek!

One of Bauer's favorite toys is now my cell phone. He was playing with it the other day and I couldn't find it anywhere. One second he's got it in his hands the next I'm looking everywhere but in the toilet. I used Adam's phone to call it and we were looking under, around, and in everything. We finally spotted it and busted out laughing.
See if you can find it.

Daddy's little football man!

Bauer was so stinkin' cute in this jersey. We are NOT Dallas fans, but I couldn't resist putting it on him. Such a handsome little man.

My buddy's birthday!

Saturday, June 7 was Hunter's birthday party. Bauer had a rough start and needed a nap, but he came back towards the end and had a great time. Uncle Mic and Aunt La threw a great party and we loved the western theme!! It's so crazy to think our "babies" are already a year old.


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