May 1, 2008


We've spent the last couple of days on outside adventures!! Highlands Hammock State Park is near our house and we decided to make a day of it. I found this bike attachment at a garage sale before Bauer was born. He really liked it until about half-way through the ride. The peaceful, calming ride outdoors turned into a screaming baby and mommy peddling like Lance Armstrong trying to get back to the truck. I'm just glad his cry for help didn't attract any momma bears!! :)

I don't think the seat is made for little ones under a year. I think he was just getting super uncomfortable.
After we finished our record-setting speed ride we had some rest time on the benches. It was such a beautiful day!!

Boys Boys Boys

Bauer was so glad his friend, Hunter, stopped by to say hi today. He is one of Bauer's best buds. They just start laughing when they see each other. It's like they're thinking, "Oh man, I don't know what your name is, but I know I've seen you before!"

Hunter is much more mobile than the Bauer man. He will bounce and crawl all over the place. Bauer just sits and waits like a venus fly trap until Hunter gets close enough to grab and he pulls him in. People always say, "work smarter, not harder!" ha! ha! That's what I like to think he's doing anyway. HA!!

Beware the Power of Bauer!!

We call Bauer's arm restraints his POWER BRACES. When you purchase these go ahead and get at least 2 pair. Now that he is eating solids they get dirty a lot faster. After the first surgery he wasn't eating all the fun colorful, stinky stuff so we didnt' need to worry to much about it.

But now he ends up smashing all kinds of yummy fruits and veggies into the cloth.

Also, some babies may be moving and crawling by now. It's amazing what these things pick up off the floor.


Bauer's lovely locks are starting to not look so lovely. Adam has trimmed it a few times, but it's always a jack-in-the-box surprise as to what it will look like the next day. Could be spiky. Could look like he was electrocuted. Who knows. So we decided to let the professionals do their job.

We took Bauer to Adam's barber. And though he does a great job, it's a little different when a squirming 8 month old is in your chair. I think the man was just praying, "God, please, don't let me send this kid home with one eye!!" I was praying, "God, please don't let Bauer look like a blind man cut his hair."
Thank goodness both our prayers were answered :). Well, for the most part. The front of Bauer's hair was cut at about a 30 degree angle. But you can't really blame the barber. Bauer wouldn't hold still long enough to let him even it out. Oh well. It's still pretty cute.


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