April 9, 2008

We've Busted Out!!

The hotel room felt like a Sandals Resort and Spa compared to the hospital. Adam and I could finally lay down and not be in the fetal womb position!!
My grandma got up here today so between both grandmas being here Adam and I got a little bit of shut-eye this afternoon. So nice. We're so thankful they are both here. It's been a huge help.

He's still not feeding quite as much as we would like. It seems like he just wants to sleep all day. I would too if I just went through what he did. We do have to keep an eye on him getting enough fluids throughout the day because the babies can easily dehydrate after surgery. We're doing what we can.
Tonight he had some daddy cuddle time and got his first bath in 3 days. You can tell it kind of revived him. Nothing like a fresh bath!!

Packing out.

YEAH!! Today is a big day. We get to have the packing taken out and soon after we will be discharged. It seems a little early for that, but he's really doing well and we're ready to get out of here. This morning the nurses came in around 7:30 a.m. It took about 20 seconds. Bauer voiced his opinion about the whole thing very quick, but we rocked him back to sleep within about 10 minutes. He did great and was looking even better by the time we left.
We're hoping now the feeding will start going a little smoother.

From last night until about 5:00 a.m. he hadn't taken a lot of fluids, but between 7:30 and 9:30 he took in about 7 oz. He would only take the spoon, but I'm sure by tomorrow we'll be on the sippy a little more. Just know that when you get to this point you WILL be able to get them to eat somehow. Cup, syringe, Ross Nipple, Sippy Cup, and I've even had a friend tell me she used a folded paper cup. You just use whatever works!! And worst-case scenario they have to hook them back up to give fluid through an IV. But they will get the calories they need.

He's breathing better out of his nose now too.

And we finally got a roommate late last night. But they left by about 7:00 a.m. We were so happy to have the single room as long as we did.

Got Some Strollin' to Do!

Bauer started getting cabin fever after a few days. IT WAS TIME TO ROLL!!
We loaded him up in the stroller and took a million laps around the hospital. Adam walked the halls so many times at about 2:00 a.m. that he had figured out about how many feet there were per lap and then calculated the total amount of miles he had traveled. When he told me that I wasn't sure if I should be impressed or worried. :) We were both sleep deprived, but goodness gracious. This might be getting a little out of control! :)
All I know is he got super huge brownie points because he let me sleep for about an hour while he walked Bauer. Such a sweetie.

I have to take a minute and really brag on Adam. Hopefully, he won't read this anytime soon because he'll make me erase it! :) He is the best hubby I could ever imagine having. He has been such a huge support and strength through everything. I've never ever had to wonder if he was going to be there to help no matter what the reason. From changing diapers and feeding to giving up sleep so I could have a little shut-eye. He always tries to put his family before himself. God has truly given me an amazing man and I am so so thankful.

Now that Bauer wasn't connected to every wire on the 8th floor we were able to get him out and play with toys in the game room too. We set him in the bouncer thinking that he could just sit and relax a little bit. But as the bouncer came about 3 inches from the ground I figured it might be a hazard!! What a chunky monkey. They really should put a warning on those things. "LEAD BABIES BEWARE".


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