March 31, 2008

Starting to play a little bit.

Now that Bauer is starting to get a little more energy he's wanting to play and move a little bit. It's actually surprising this early after surgery, but he's just doing really well.

It's amazing how quickly these little guys start bouncing back. Sometimes we look at him and are so proud. He doesn't even realize all he's been through.

So to pass the time there is a whole room full of toys for the kids. Even with all the toys though I think Bauer preferred to play with the fun orange light taped to his toe and the wires hanging from random parts of his body. The light supposedly kept record of his oxygen levels, but as many times as he pulled it off I'm surprised they ever got a solid reading.

The rest of the day we spent time letting Bauer play and taking strolls down the hallway.
We were all really tired, but excited to know that we were going home soon.
By the end of the day Bauer wasn't eating too much. We figured it was just part of the normal process so we waited it out. And any eating he was doing was now by syringe. He didn't want to touch the sippy cup for now.


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