March 30, 2008

Continuing day 2 -- hangin' in there.

Well things are still going well. He's taking down 2-3 oz at a time during meals. It's still kind of hard for him to control the breathing and swallowing together with the packing in his mouth so we're doing a little bit of sippy cup and a little bit of syringe. He gets TONS of air down every time. Lots of tootin' going on. But that's a good thing. He did have some new lephrechaun green poo, but the nurses said it's from his morphine and anesthetics. Pretty gross!
Adam and I are pretty exhausted and are thinking about just borrowing some of Bauer's codeine tonight! Totally kidding!!! If Bauer doesn't have that then NOBODY sleeps.

Kathy, Adam's mom, gave us a few breaks today and let us go get some lunch and just sit for a little while. She's really helped us out a bunch.
Dr. Mulliken came in this afternoon and said he looks good and made another compliment about how great his lip & nose look.
We took Bauer for a little stroll today after they removed the IV line. Of course, he loved it. Guys we can't explain how the Lord is working up here and prayers are being heard and answered. All things considered this really could not be going any better. Now, it's not a picnic by any means but knowing how December went and comparing the two it's a totally different recovery. Definitley not the norm. We know the feeding, sleeping, and healing will be day by day, but already having gone through that before we somewhat know what to expect and how to approach it. We know it's the Lord bringing glory to His name. Just praying when the packing comes out tomorrow morning Bauer goes back to eating regularly and feeling even more like himself.

Through the night and next day.

All we can say is GOD IS GOOD. I wish we could put into words how well he is doing. We haven't gotten much sleep, but he is not near as fussy as we anticipated and he has already eaten 3 times. He's only taken in about 1-2 oz. each time, but it's going down. That's all that matters. HE EVEN TOOK THE SIPPY CUP ON THE FIRST AND THIRD FEEDING!! The second one his meds were wearing off and I think he was a little tender so we fed with the syringe.

Seriously, we can't believe how amazing this little boy is. God has made him so strong. He was very squirmy until and 3 o'clock and then he finally rested for about 3 hours. Hallelujah. Oh, and I ended up getting in the bed with him. It kept him calm so I climbed up in there and figured I'd get out if they brought the S.W.A.T team in. Needless to say that didn't happen. The next shift of nurses was totally fine with it. Thank goodness.

He's already tried to escape from the bed and is constantly finding a fistful of wires to grab onto. He wants to move so bad. They are suppose to take out his IV line around 10:00 a.m. and then we can take a stroll down the hallways. AND WE STILL HAVE THE ROOM TO OURSELVES!! You have no idea how uncommon that is up here. Just a God thing!!

Day 1

We are now in our room and were so excited to see that at least for now we are by ourselves. Almost unheard of up here. We'll take it as long as we can get it. I told some friends that I just want to hang a "NO VACANCY- COME BACK IN 3 DAYS" sign on the door and see what happens. It would be funny if nothing else.
Bauer is hooked up to all kinds of wires including an IV in his ankle. He's very groggy and not himself. Totally out of it. He won't eat much these first couple days because of the soreness and the pine tar taste in his mouth. He should start coughing all that stuff up soon and clear the gunk in his throat. We've heard some babies have tons that they just throw up and others just cough up little bits. So far it hasn't been anything too crazy. It is very dark so you may want to wear dark clothing when you go.
He really isn't crying too much, but he's not sleeping much either. Mainly due to trouble breathing with the packing in his mouth. I wonder how strange it must feel going from a huge whole in your mouth to a pile of crud 2 centimeters from your tongue. I'd be a little irritated too!

The hospital has now started a new policy where parents cannot sleep in the bed with the babies. I'm not excited about it AT ALL so we'll see how things go. I tried holding him in the recliner but it's almost impossilbe with the 15 million wires hooked to him. So I've tried just to hold him the best I can up next to his bed and he falls asleep within minutes. The only problem is I can't feel my back after about 10 minutes. He is such a CHUNK!!

Time to Wake Up

Dr. Mulliken came out and said the surgery went great.
* He was able to close the entire palate.
* There may be one small pin-sized whole left, but either way it wouldn't make a difference on eating, speech, etc. If anything maybe a little bit of milk would shoot out his nose every now and then. But again, it could be completely closed. We'll see.
* He placed a packing tightly inside the palate area which will stay in for 2 days. It is soaked in some kind of antibacterial solution that has the consistency of pine tar. Tastes gross and is dark red. Pretty messy.
* He has a nice full-sized uvula - sounds funny, but it's great news - Here's why: Uvula
* * He injected steroids into Bauer's lip to help with the scarring and encouraged us to keep massaging it daily

They called us back to see our little man about 6:00 p.m. He looked so sweet. His face was pretty swollen, but not near as bad as last time. It takes a good while for them to fully awake so the nurses just have us sit by him and wait. It's hard to watch him start waking because you can tell his throat is hurting, he's obviously in pain, and is somewhat confused. The nurses said that his breathing sounded great. It didn't seem like he had as much goo in his throat as other babies. We've always laughed about how big Bauer's head it, but the nurse said it probably has played in his favor because a larger head means larger throat passage which may have helped in less gunk build-up. It's so neat to think God knew this ahead of time and purposely made Bauer with a 95th percentile head for a reason. We realize it isn't soley for the puropse of this surgery, but it's not an accident either.
"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb" Psalm 139:13
"..even the very hairs of your head are all numbered" Matthew 10:30
He is in control of every thing from beginning to end.


While Bauer is in surgery we wait in a large room down the hall. A family liaison is on duty all day to inform the patient's family of the current status in the surgical room. They come in about every 1 1/2 hours. The first visit was around 3:15 p.m and they told us the first incision was made at 2:35 p.m which meant it took an entire hour of preparation with anesthetics and what not. So now we were looking at them finishing up around 5:30 p.m. Much much shorter than the 9 hour lip surgery.

So far we had heard that the palate recovery was much worse than the lip so we just anticipated a long restless week ahead. Having already gone through one surgery I think we were a little more mentally and emotionally prepared. We knew it was simply going to stink and we'd just have to suck it up and deal with it. We also knew that within a couple weeks Bauer would be half way to recovery. I think that helped us cope. God got us through the first part and he wasn't going to leave us now.


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