March 24, 2008


We are headed up to Boston for our post-op lip appt. It’s a quick trip this time. We’re going up and then coming back the very next day. It will be crazy but I’m glad we only have to stay in the hotel for a night. The flight went well and now that Bauer is in the backpack we can manage things a little easier. He loves being in that thing. Ours is an Evenflo and it works great.

Dr. Mulliken said his lip looked great. It was a bit swollen, but he said it was normal and is the worst it would ever look. So things can only get better. He mentioned possibly injecting the lip with steroids if it’s still a bit puffy when we come up for the next surgery.
He also checked out his palate and said it was a rather wide opening. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I’m just going to trust that when that time comes he will be able to do what he needs to in order to fix it. Also, after speaking with his nurse, Dottie, we were so relieved to know that after his palate surgery there won’t be any more big appts. scheduled at least until he is 3 or 4 years old and possibly even 7 or 8. It all depends on how Bauer’s speech progresses and how his mouth develops concerning the jaw and gum line. So all in all it was a very good appt. Now our eyes are set on the end of March.

My new roommate!

For the next couple of weeks I am watching a friend of mine's little girl. Her name is Ellie. Bauer loves it when she comes over. I can't say that she is quite as excited probably due to the fact she has realized Bauer is either going to steal her toys, try to wrestle her, or ram into her with his car. I'd be scared too. Ha!! They really do have fun together and enjoy loading up and going on adventures.

Having fun!!

At about week 5 we could feel the pressure decreasing daily. He could start chewing on soft toys again, we didn't have to watch him like a hawk, all of his sutures were almost dissolved, cleanings were becoming less and less hectic, and most of all his arm braces would soon be dissappearing!!

Now Bauer had to get back to his regular social life with family and friends. Here are a few pics.


The whole 6 weeks post-surgery Adam and I inspected his suture line constantly.
* What's that black dot? suture?
* Why is the lip so puffy?
* Is that a pimple coming up? (not a good thing)
* Do I need to clean it?
* Why is it so red?
* I think it's splitting!!! (ridiculous thought, but I thought it quite a few times)

Dr. Mulliken was always more than happy to look over our panic-filled photos and give us his opinion. Either he would say we should clean it, just keep watching, try to pull a stitch out if you can, or it looks just fine. Here are few photos we sent in case you have days when yours may look like this. If you get worried about it never hesitate to call someone. Sometimes issues come up and it needs to be addressed quickly, i.e. infection, pimples, or certain pesky sutures.


Around week 3 We talked to Dr. Mulliken and he gave us the okay to take off the Logan's Bow. He said sometime if it's left on too long that the glue used to keep it in place can irritate the skin. One side was about to fall off anyway, but we put Bauer in the tub and just kept soaking the tape and pulling it off. He wasn't really excited about it, but we eventually got the beast off!!!

It really was a new face. Kind of felt weird, but it looked so wonderful. Perfect. It was a cool way to bring in the New Year.


Every time Adam and I have to change Bauer's steri-strip it's so neat to see how amazing his lip looks. I just wanted to share this picture. It's truly amazing the gifts God gives people to be able to reconstruct something like this.
By the way, after about 4 weeks we took the strip off completely because it kept getting so much gunk underneath it. It was doing more harm than good between the milk, snot, and other random goo.
We were very very careful not to let him touch it with his hands or anything else. Thank God for those arm braces.

Sittin' On Up!

Yeah!! We've been helping Bauer sit up recently, but out of nowhere one day I let go and he just stayed there. He's like a little weeble wobble. So stinkin' cute. He just sits there like, "yep, that's right I'm handsome............................AND I SIT UP!!! We know what's next.......STANDING! YIKES!


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