March 16, 2008

Little Houdini

While we were going crazy running back forth in the airports sometimes we would look down and Bauer would have escaped from his arm restraints pulling and tugging his Logan's Bow!!

Yet another reason to
1. Put the arm bands under long sleeves
2. Use the larger diaper pins to hold them in place.

The last thing you want is to have him scratching, pulling, or even touching his lip. Also, if his hands are free then he can grab things to put in his mouth or on his face. NOT GOOD. We were very thankful and started to understand one of the major purposes for the Logan's Bow -


Bauer - "Destroyer of Pants"

In moving up our flights we would now have a connecting flight in Cincinnati. We were rushing rushing rushing to get bags checked, boarding passes printed, babies fed, and hoping are stomachs didn't implode from hunger. :). Once we finally got everything to our gate we had a few extra minutes to get something to eat. PRAISE JESUS!!

BUT WAIT..............What's that stuff on Bauer's pants??????? OH NO!! I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could. We'll keep this short and sweet...............Bauer came out with a whole new outfit and the old one was thrown in the garbage (trust me. it wasn't wasteful. it was for the good of all people in the airport). If I had that yellow tape used at crime scenes I would've completely dressed the bathroom door with it. Unfortunately some poor soul was soon to step into the disaster zone. I think Homeland Security entered the bathroom when I left!!! :)

Okay, so now we were changed, fed, and ready for lift off. Whew!!
We were so excited to be on our way home. All was going well and then it happened.....................

Adam and I just said, "You've got to be kidding me!

We weren't changing him in the bathroom because it would have been like changing him in a broom closet! So we took a blanket and went to the front of the plane where you exit and changed him. As we are bending down trying to keep from crying laughing I know people on the plane wanted to kill us. The smell alone probably made a few people pass out.

My back was to the exit and all I could keep thinking was, "please God, don't let my butt hit the bar that opens this door." I really didn't want to be sucked out of the plane at that moment.

Again, we know God was letting this happen to give us a laugh and relief. We needed it. And, of course, Bauer was loving every minute.


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