March 13, 2008

Totally a God Thing!

We got finished a little earlier than we thought we would with the suture removal. We've called the airlines in the past when this has happened and it was going to cost extra to have our flights moved up, but we figured, "What the heck. We'll try again and see what happens. The Lord may open up something."
I couldn't believe it!! I remember the Delta clerk saying, "Yes, we can move your flights up and it won't cost anything extra." Thinking it was too good to be true I was pretty sure he was going to continue with, "But the only seats we have available are with the livestock." Honestly, I think we still would have gone.

So he says "We have a departing flight at 1:30 p.m." IT WAS 11:30!!!! Aaaaahhhhhh!!! Adam and I hurried back to the room and packed up our stuff in about 15 minutes flat. We crammed stuff in our bags like crazy people. Absolutely NO organization whatsoever. Every time I thought we were done I'd look down and there would be 1 shoe, a bottle, or just random clothes that we missed and we'd have to find some creative way to shift and shove!! It's amazing how many things you can get to fit into 1 bag. Especially if you sit on it to zip it closed!!! By the way, Bauer napped the entire time. We were making so much noise I know the Lord had angels covering his ears. So we threw all the bags together and waited downstairs for the taxi.


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