March 12, 2008


Well, here we go again. We had to make sure we fed Bauer no less than 3 hours before the suture removal b/c even though it was only about a 20 minute procedure they still had to sedate him. You should receive information like this and more in a packet from your hospital about 2 weeks before going in.
Bauer can only have clear liquids 3 hours before surgery. i.e. breast milk, apple juice, infant pedia-lite. Also, all of this information changes depending on the age of your child at the time of your appointment. Make sure you double check the list ahead of time b/c it could delay the surgery.

These are pics of right before and after suture removal. His lip looked amazing. We couldn't believe how perfectly it came together. There are still certain sutures on his lip and inside his nose that have to dissolve over the next couple weeks so we still have to make sure everything stays clean, but the best part is WE CAN GO HOME NOW!!

By the way, Bauer took to the bottle right after he woke up. We were so VERY VERY THANKFUL.


We were actually surprised to see how well Bauer slept while wearing his Arm Braces and Logans Bow. At first we weren't sleeping very well b/c we were constantly up re-strapping his braces making sure he wasn't touching his lip. Usually they would just fall down his arm and eventually fall off at night. But we finally figured out that if we put them under the sleeves it was a lot less likely to happen. We couldn't have done this without the BUTTON-UP tops. I really couldn't figure out the huge advantage in having the button-ups until this point. You can't put his arm under a regular sleeve with the braces on. Babies are flexible, but not Gumbi.

With his arm under the sleeve the braces rarely fell down and he was a lot less likely to scratch himself with the velcro. Trust me, after everything he and you will go through you don't want any chance of ANYTHING messing up his lip.
We felt a lot more comfortable letting him sleep by himself with the sleeves protecting him.


Making the Time Go By

We could have probably gone home Saturday or Sunday, but the operating room wasn't available so we are having to figure out ways to help the time pass by until Monday.

For anyone headed down this road we strongly encourage to have at least 1 friend or family their to help. It's wonderful to have people there to talk and laugh with. Makes the time go by so much faster. And the extra set of arms don't hurt either!! :)

We visited a few different areas around Boston that we could go in and walk around for a while.

It was crazy with all of the extra clothing we had to keep putting on and taking off. Ourselves and Bauer!! I'm not sure that Bauer had a "good hair day" the entire time. Lots of "hat hair".

At one point Bauer decided to create a super duty diaper (that's as graphic as I'm getting)
It seems we somehow took the extra set of clothes out of the diaper bag before we left the hotel and forgot to put them back in. So basically, Bauer was naked except for his diaper, jacket, socks, and reindeer shoes and it was about 30 degrees outside. We had to laugh. At least we had the jacket and a blanket!!
As for the clothes he ruined.........they will forever stay in Boston!!


Saturday Karin and John, Ivy's parents, invited us to eat lunch at their home right outside Boston. It was fun getting to see outside the city life.
Karin had homemade soup ready and it was wonderful. It was nice to get a meal that didn't come from a box or bag. :) Thanks so much guys! We loved it.
The lake you see in the background was frozen over and the porch had about 4-5 ft. of snow packed down. So beautiful.
Ivy was so sweet and let Bauer use her Exersaucer. You can tell that the arm restraints haven't put a huge damper on Bauer's ability to get around and have fun. It's amazing how he has just adapated to those things.


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