October 17, 2008

Little bit of fun.

Our appt. was only about 45 minutes long (expected to be 2 1/2 hours) but it was going to cost $1000 for us get an early flight out. We can usually get ahold of someone that will make us an awesome deal to switch tickets, but not today. So we decided to take a tour of Fenway Park.

I'm so glad God didn't let us find a way home that night because we would have missed some much needed down-time and a really cool ballpark! :) It was nice to not have to rush rush rush!
That day I feel like God kept saying, "would you guys quit trying to go a million miles an hour and SLOW DOWN!" Oh how much of God's plan and creation we probably miss by trying to keep up with OUR schedule.

We had a blast at the park. We did get a few looks from people like, "who would bring a baby, a stroller, a backpack, etc. on a tour of a park?" We were the oddballs, but Bauer did great. And we got to give a little shout-out for the Devil Rays!! Of course, we were booed shortly after. But we got a little laugh out of it anyway!!

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