October 17, 2008

Boston Boy

This past weekend we had a check-up appt. in Boston. This one would be a little different than the others for a few reasons. Bauer wasn't having any surgeries. Praise the Lord. We were coming back the next day. And there wouldn't be a million bottles, jars of food, etc. in every possible crevice of every bag we had. Every mom would give a shout of "Amen" to that!!

But the new adventures would include a very mobile child on a plane. There was no second guessing bringing the carseat aboard. I think if we had to hold him through the whole flight the only option for a successful trip would have been duct tape or a retractable harness.
Also, Bauer does well going to sleep in the hotel, but now that he can move and roll all over the place we would have to figure out how to keep him IN the bed. For a trip there and back it wasn't worth dragging a pack and play around.

All this in mind we knew it would be a crazy, fun, interesting trip. We just prayed the Lord would let all go well and get us back safely. Needless to say, God is good!!

We finally arrive at the Orlando Airport around 8:00 a.m. Whew, we made it!!! .............wait a minute. What are we gonna do for an HOUR AND A HALF!!! No worries. Bauer had his own schedule including the following.
1. Climb all chairs and charm the ladies
2. Run from mom and dad because I know they want to chase me.
3. Ask for my sippy and a snack
4. Run some more.
5. Scream a little bit.
6. Climbing
7. Dad catches me........Scream.
8. More sippy please..........Sling sippy on the floor.
9. Running again.
10. Repeat previous list until about 9:20.

As crazy as it was we were happy to let him run because it meant that he would pass out on the plane. He did awesome during the flight. We are so thankful for how well he does.
Here are some pics:

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