October 5, 2008

Basket Head

I can't wait until Bauer is 18 and his girlfriend wants to see some pictures or video of Bauer. We are so pulling this one out. Usually he hates stuff on his head, but I guess this one fit his big ol' noggin' better than most hats!! :)What a funny boy.

Basket Head


Heather said...

That's hilarious!!! Yes, the blackmail pictures for the girlfriends... I can't wait!

Amanda Walenga said...

Don't you love how you buy all those nice new baby toys and then he plays with laundry baskets?

That's so cute. I just love his little toddler legs!

Allison said...

Hi there!

Thanks for following us, I've been meaning to say Hi, we've just been really busy with everything going on, sorry!

Your little guy is such a cutie! I'm so glad you found us and this amazing network of parents with cleft affected children. They are all a blessing to know, welcome!!!

The Dawkins said...

I read a lot of your posts, saw the Gator pics.....anyway we live in S Ga, right on the line. Your little boy is such a cutie!!

Darcy said...

He's so stinkin cute!


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