October 19, 2008

Headed Home

Saturday morning we were at the airport by 7:30 a.m. Flight leaves in 2 HOURS!!! Once again, it was time for baby track-and-field through the airport. Praise the Lord we got home safe with excellent news from the docs. Couldn't ask for better! :)
Here are some pics.

This is what we did for about an hour!!

October 17, 2008

Little bit of fun.

Our appt. was only about 45 minutes long (expected to be 2 1/2 hours) but it was going to cost $1000 for us get an early flight out. We can usually get ahold of someone that will make us an awesome deal to switch tickets, but not today. So we decided to take a tour of Fenway Park.

I'm so glad God didn't let us find a way home that night because we would have missed some much needed down-time and a really cool ballpark! :) It was nice to not have to rush rush rush!
That day I feel like God kept saying, "would you guys quit trying to go a million miles an hour and SLOW DOWN!" Oh how much of God's plan and creation we probably miss by trying to keep up with OUR schedule.

We had a blast at the park. We did get a few looks from people like, "who would bring a baby, a stroller, a backpack, etc. on a tour of a park?" We were the oddballs, but Bauer did great. And we got to give a little shout-out for the Devil Rays!! Of course, we were booed shortly after. But we got a little laugh out of it anyway!!


We made it to Boston, found our luggage and headed to the doctor's office. I was really excited because we were going to meet a few of the amazing moms that have been such a huge help in our journey with Bauer. Their kids were having their check-ups the same day. We met with the dental team, speech, and Dr. Mulliken, Bauer's surgeon. All had good things say and shared suggestions to help with Bauer's progression.

The dental team said his top 2 teeth are slanted back a little bit, which we knew, and that some of the other teeth will need to be watched. They said the tooth alignment isn't great so there is a little abrasion between the top and bottom. But it didn't seem to be a massive issue at this time.
All the other teeth are coming in at a good rate too. Wonderful news.

Speech team decided since we were in a speech program down here there wasn't any need for services there. Great!

Finally we met with Dr. Mulliken. It is a pure joy to see him and his nurse Dotty. They are just wonderful people and God has gifted them so mightily. It's amazing to think that he had helped every child in that office that day with some of the most intense, complex surgeries. What a blessing to all of us.

He said Bauer's lip and palate looked great. No fistulas!! (holes in the palate) He said the palate looked long too. That's a good thing.
He did ask us to keep using the sunscreen and mederma on the scar as it was still a little red. He wants us to keep massaging as well. What a great report. You just hope and pray that whole first year that you are doing everything right and that you won't hear at his first big check-up, "Oh gosh, what have you been doing????"
So praise God we got really great news. Such a smooth and quick appt. And the best part is we don't have to go back for an entire YEAR!!!! Music to my ears.

In between doctors we were able to visit with the other moms. These ladies have been an unbelievable encouragement and help for us. It was such a treat to finally get to chat a little face to face. Jen and Josh Ford were with their little girl Sydney and Terri Cote had her little boy Jaron with her. Here are some pics.

What a great day!!
"'Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever." Psalm 118:29

Boston Boy

This past weekend we had a check-up appt. in Boston. This one would be a little different than the others for a few reasons. Bauer wasn't having any surgeries. Praise the Lord. We were coming back the next day. And there wouldn't be a million bottles, jars of food, etc. in every possible crevice of every bag we had. Every mom would give a shout of "Amen" to that!!

But the new adventures would include a very mobile child on a plane. There was no second guessing bringing the carseat aboard. I think if we had to hold him through the whole flight the only option for a successful trip would have been duct tape or a retractable harness.
Also, Bauer does well going to sleep in the hotel, but now that he can move and roll all over the place we would have to figure out how to keep him IN the bed. For a trip there and back it wasn't worth dragging a pack and play around.

All this in mind we knew it would be a crazy, fun, interesting trip. We just prayed the Lord would let all go well and get us back safely. Needless to say, God is good!!

We finally arrive at the Orlando Airport around 8:00 a.m. Whew, we made it!!! .............wait a minute. What are we gonna do for an HOUR AND A HALF!!! No worries. Bauer had his own schedule including the following.
1. Climb all chairs and charm the ladies
2. Run from mom and dad because I know they want to chase me.
3. Ask for my sippy and a snack
4. Run some more.
5. Scream a little bit.
6. Climbing
7. Dad catches me........Scream.
8. More sippy please..........Sling sippy on the floor.
9. Running again.
10. Repeat previous list until about 9:20.

As crazy as it was we were happy to let him run because it meant that he would pass out on the plane. He did awesome during the flight. We are so thankful for how well he does.
Here are some pics:

October 5, 2008

Basket Head

I can't wait until Bauer is 18 and his girlfriend wants to see some pictures or video of Bauer. We are so pulling this one out. Usually he hates stuff on his head, but I guess this one fit his big ol' noggin' better than most hats!! :)What a funny boy.

Basket Head


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