September 14, 2008

We're still here!!

Some of you may have been thinking, "Stacy must be waiting until Bauer's in kindergarten to post any new pictures." Ha!
I'm really sorry I've been a blog slacker. I shall be updating as quickly as I can!:)


The Frazzled Mama said...

Shesh! I hadn't stopped by in a while, I missed a lot. You crack me up girl, you go ahead and frame that coloring page!I'm glad you all got to get away, it's hard, but so worth it!

The Ski's said...

Hello! I saw that you were a follower of our site...I am honored. I went to your site to briefly take a peek...and WHAT A DOLL YOU HAVE on your hands! Oh, my! I am so glad to meet another family in our ever-growing cleft family network. Where would I be without the Internet? I have learned so many things from so many wonderful people....I am so very blessed and so very thankful.

I want to come back and take a further look through your site when I can sit down and enjoy it. I have papers to grade and laundry to fold. I would love to link your site to ours, if that is ok with you. I won't do so without your say. Just happy to have "met" you...and so glad to see such a beautiful smile on your little guy...before and after his surgery! What a cutie! Do take care, and so glad you are following our story.

Krissy said...

Hi - Like the Ski's I saw your link on my page. It's nice to meet you :) I hope to find some time to catch up on your story soon!! Bauer is SO CUTE and I love that name!


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