August 30, 2008

Mini Vacation!

Thanks to wonderful friends and family Adam and I were able to get out for an entire day and go to the Gators vs. Hawaii game on Adam's Birthday!!. We were on the 50 yard line!! So much fun!!!

It's always weird not having a baby to change, feed, or comfort for more than and hour. Being the longest and furthest away we had ever been from him I was definitley getting Bauer-sick by the end. All day I just kept thinking about how awesome it would be if he played football and what a complete, ridiculous mess I would be in the stands.
Our wonderful family watched Bauer for us. For the most part he was very good, but by the end of the day I think he was giving them a run for their money!!! We owe them one!! Thanks bunches!!!

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Darcy said...

How fun! Getting away kidless is always so nice. It gives you a trim to recharge and be someone other than Mommy and Daddy for a while, and be able to focus on one another. The Date Nights and time away are always much appreciated here!


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