August 30, 2008

Mini Vacation!

Thanks to wonderful friends and family Adam and I were able to get out for an entire day and go to the Gators vs. Hawaii game on Adam's Birthday!!. We were on the 50 yard line!! So much fun!!!

It's always weird not having a baby to change, feed, or comfort for more than and hour. Being the longest and furthest away we had ever been from him I was definitley getting Bauer-sick by the end. All day I just kept thinking about how awesome it would be if he played football and what a complete, ridiculous mess I would be in the stands.
Our wonderful family watched Bauer for us. For the most part he was very good, but by the end of the day I think he was giving them a run for their money!!! We owe them one!! Thanks bunches!!!

August 23, 2008

We've created a monster!!

Bauer's Aunt Jojo and Uncle Mike bought him a Little Tykes playyard. He is an animal on this thing!! He will go up and down the slide 4,000 times before he even thinks about tiring out! The only bad thing is that there isn't a back to it so one of us has to be in front of it and one behind. We have to stick it in the garage when not playing on it. It's either that or put in an electric fence. :)

He's so stinkin' cute!!!

August 20, 2008

Ellie is 1!

Bauer's best friend Ellie had her first birthday part this weekend. It was adorable. I don't think the boys quite new what to do with flowers and pink everywhere, but you better believe they had a great time. Between the pool and taking all of the pink flowers out of the ground they were lovin' it. Now they are officially all TODDLERS!!!

August 1, 2008

It is amazing how quickly Bauer has grown. We were looking at old pictures of him at about 2 months of age and it almost brought tears to our eyes. Everyone kept warning us that time flies faster and faster as they get older. That first month when we were delirious with lack of sleep we couldn't imagine why it would be bad for the time to "fly". But now it's crazy with him going to "big boy" school and watching him change every day. He's is talking constantly, running all over the place, and usually eating more than Adam and I.

It's amazing. We're so blessed to have such a handsome, wonderful little boy.


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