July 17, 2008


Wow! An entire year has already gone by!! Crazy crazy crazy!! It's amazing to think what God has brought us all through in just this first year. We were flipping through pictures the other day and the change that's taken place as Bauer has grown is incredible. He was such a skinny little squirrel for the first month and then it looks like we started giving him creatine with every meal. :) ha! We are so thankful for how well he has grown and how easily he's adapted to all his different feeding methods. A lot of cleft babies don't transition so smoothly. He's always been in the 90th percentile or higher in every measurement which, again, isn't typical of cleft kids.

Just in the last month his personality is starting to shine brighter than ever! He has the gentle sweet side with hugs and kisses and then his 110% boy side comes out and the next thing you know you're being smacked in the head with a book or bottle. If we have another boy it's gonna be a constant battle of "Rock'em Sock'em Robots".

We've learned a lot about him this past year, but probably more about ourselves and who God is helping us become. We've learned to lean on God in so many different areas. When we thought we were patient enough, strong enough, or even smart enough on our own we quickly realized that leaning on Him was the only way we were going to make it. I'm a "fixer" by nature and sometimes I remember getting so frustrated because I couldn't fix the problem at the time. And God started heavily laying on my heart that I can't always fix it on my own, sometimes nothing is even broken-it's just inconvenient, and I'm not a failure for being unable to fix it - that's what He's there for. We realized after a while that babies are babies and they do what they do without a clear explanation on how to make things better. It's pretty much a combination of patience and trial by error.

Here's a picture of him the day he was born and exactly 1 year later. Doesn't even look like the same baby!!

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Sheila said...

AMAZING! He's a beautiful boy!!! I'll be posting a link to your blog on my blog. My niece Laycee was born yesterday with a cleft - your blog is very helpful and very reassuring!


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