July 17, 2008

Do you see what I see?

We've had a lot happenin' over here at the Smehyl house. Talking, Eating, Sucking, and now...........................................WALKING!! Oh yeah, that's right....watch out world .......... Here he comes!! It took a while but he finally has figured out that he doesn't need to cling to the couch, walls, mommy, daddy, or anything to keep himself standing. He's also noticed how much more convenient this whole walking thing is. He escapes faster, can run away within seconds, and we especially love him getting into the bathroom and eating toilet paper.

All cabinets are bolted shut, hallway doors are closed, and we are on constant watch for anything laying around that he can put into his mouth. Yesterday, that something was a crayon which was nearly followed by a recipe he tore from a book. Today it was a new mustard bottle and relish I bought at Publix!!

He definitely loves his new set of wheels and is making us so proud every day. It's really cute watching him waddle from room to room like a little penguin. I just praise the Lord we don't have to keep lifting 26 lbs too much longer!! :)

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Tomouverson said...

You just wait Adam; you will see what I'm talking about soon. That little man will be running around getting into everything and you will say what was I thinking.
I hope you, Stacy and Bauer had a great time this summer.
I also seen that there is a second little Smehyl on the way. Congratulations!!!!!!!

Take care and I will see you in a couple of weeks.


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