July 14, 2008

Aaahhhh! A week away from home!

Oh my goodness it was so nice to get away for a few days. Adam had a conference down in Marco Island and family members were able to come too. So you better believe we packed up everything and headed down for a nice little vacation. Of course, anyone would have thought we were going to Europe for 6 weeks with what we packed, but that just goes with the territory of traveling with a baby.
We had a great time. Sleeping is comical on these trips. Once the baby is asleep everyone in the room is on stealth mode. Everybody knows if the baby wakes up someone is going to get hurt. :) So we all just lay quietly in the dark like prisoners hoping to fall asleep at a decent hour. So funny. Bauer slept good most nights, but a couple times the rooster crowed WAY too soon. He would wake up and you just see this little head pop up out of the crib and then he spots us. At that point it's over!! There is no hiding. HE KNOWS WE'RE THERE!! It was cute. Much cuter around noon the next day than at 2 a.m., but nonetheless it made us laugh.
Sunsets were great, water was perfect, and the pool was huge. Bauer had a blast. He is now obsessed with pointing to every bird that flies by. He points and says "bi bi".
We were also able to go the Naples Zoo. It rained shortly after we arrived, but Bauer got to see some actual live monkeys!!! His favorite animal.

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