June 16, 2008

Hide n' Seek!

One of Bauer's favorite toys is now my cell phone. He was playing with it the other day and I couldn't find it anywhere. One second he's got it in his hands the next I'm looking everywhere but in the toilet. I used Adam's phone to call it and we were looking under, around, and in everything. We finally spotted it and busted out laughing.
See if you can find it.


Laura said...

hahahahaha. Found it. He is a trip! hahahaha

Bianca said...

Ok so I found your blog (this is Bianca btw) and I had to comment on this! Blayne has the exact same toy and I have found WAY to many things to list stuffed in there including toys, food, binkys, my phone, Hot Wheels cars, pens, pencils, dog food... basically anything he can stuff in there. Now I always check it first when something goes missing. =)
Bauer is so stinking adorable!!! And getting so BIG!!


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