May 12, 2008


We're getting closer and closer to that magic "6 weeks" window. I called Bauer's nurse today and she said he could start munching on pieces of toast this week. We have to wet it a little bit with water and smash it down so it's not so coarse. Bauer loved it!! Even though we have the "okay" to do it we still find ourselves being extremely cautious. I just have this fear of his palate being ripped open even though I know deep down that it would take more than a piece of wet toast to do so.

We we're also given permission to take his arm braces OFF FOR GOOD!!! Praise Jesus!! Here lately Bauer had figured out how to dismantle the braces on his own. I would always laugh when we would be in the car and all of a sudden I hear the ripping crunch of velcro straps. A couple seconds later I would see an arm brace being swung around in the air in the rear view mirror. I couldn't exactly put the car on auto-pilot and fix them so I just prayed he didn't find anything other than his fingers to chew on.

The only way we could get them to stay on overnight was putting them under his long-sleeved pajamas. You've got to look for a certain sleeve too. Some sleeves are almost too tight for their arms much less any type of brace. Sometimes it's sad watching him have to sleep with those things, but it has to be done and he really doesn't seem to mind it. It's amazing how the babies adapt so quickly.


Darcy said...

Wahoo on doing away with the arm restraints!

He looks SO good! God is good.

Amy Z said...

I know Momma Smehyl is a good cook so Bauer is in for some major fun foods once he gets the "all clear." I am glad to hear and see of God's goodness in your lives!


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