May 20, 2008

Praise the Lord Our Shepherd, Provider, and Healer!!

We have finally reached the long awaited day!! On
May 7th we were exactly 6 weeks post-op. YEAH!
YEAH!! YEAH!! Now Bauer is officially recovered! It's estimated that after surgery each week that passes allows for 15%-20% further healing.

It's neat to think that Bauer's palate is pretty much like ours now. He went from a gaping whole in his mouth to a completely closed off palate like anyone else's. It won't function fully for another couple months, but everything is in tact as if it were never cleft. There is a tiny pin-sized whole on his uvula, but they pretty sure it will close on its own.
He will have to go through some muscle/speech therapy to really get everything moving properly, but he's doing great even now.

We're going to start working more on his ability to suck from the sippy cups too. Right now he's still munching on the cut nipple with the Nuby Sippy. He bites down and liquid comes out much faster. Every now and then you'll hear a little suck, but it's not consistent simply because he's never been able to do it. Hopefully, he catches on quickly and we can be on a regular sippy cup by mid-summer.

All in all the 6 weeks post-op with the palate wasn't too bad. We were on constant eggshells with any objects put in his mouth and staying away from certain foods, but it definitley wasn't as strenuous when dealing with the cleaning aspect like with the lip.
It's been incredible how God has guided us through every step, provided all we needed through family, friends, finances, and more, and definitley brought a healing to our son through the miracle of medicine. We still don't know why all of this happened. We may never know, but we have had to trust Him in a way we never have before. I pray when dealing with future surgeries and times of need with Bauer we will remember how powerful God worked and is working in our lives and that He will continue to do so day by day.

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