May 5, 2008

Piggy! Piggy!

We are so excited that Bauer can start eating new things. Today we gave him a little bit of banana in one of those mesh baby feeders . You stick any type of soft food inside and the baby just bites and sucks on it. We started with a little bit of banana and by the looks of his shirt you can tell "a little bit" turned into the ENTIRE BANANA!! He loves that thing. Anytime I would take it away to refill it he would just start screaming and shaking like he was going into withdrawals. I kind of do the same thing with Krispy Kreme donuts so I can't blame him. :)

The feeder also allows mom and dad to have 10 minutes or so to eat dinner. Gosh, who ever thought I would be happy with 10 minutes to eat? Actually, I don't know that it would qualify as eating. It's more like shoving as much food in your mouth as fast as possible with hopes that it will last until the next meal! You gotta laugh!

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