May 2, 2008


You will be amazed at the new sounds your little one will start making within no time. Consonants and vowels come to life and even the pitch and timbre of their voice changes. As the days passed we could tell Bauer was realizing he could manipulate his mouth more and more. He is constantly playing with his tongue against the roof of his mouth. His laugh and scream have always been loud, but now it's getting louder and higher!!!
We are excited to get started with the speech therapy. I can't imagine how much more he'll be able to do after that. The surgeon has told us several times that if the babies are in a speech environment early on that their abilities should be close to 99% normal by school time. We may try and look for a therapist that specializes in cleft children, but for now we are going to use our local resource, EARLY STEPS. Check your area for early intervention teams. It makes a huge difference for your child. I've been around kids who didn't get the therapy they needed and even at 5 years old you could barely understand what they were saying.

Today he was watching me chase Gator and for some reason thought it was hilarious!!

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