May 16, 2008


Bauer has enjoyed his bath since day 1 so we were so excited at the chance to get him into a full-size pool. This past weekend my uncle came in from Oregon and my family all stayed at Longboat Key for the weekend. It really is hilarious the amount of stuff we pack for just a day at the beach!! Here's a brief list:
* stroller/backpack carrier
* exersaucer - just in case he hates the pool
* fun floating boat
* random amount of toys
* sunscreen (50+ - Ultra-block-out-everything-but-the-bacon baby sunblock) - If he has my skin he could come back looking like a little tomato!!
* Sand toys - just in case he has a sudden urge to build a sandcastle !?!
* Enough clothes to last 3 days
* Little Swimmer diapers - no surprises in the pool please!!
* Baby Food, Baby snacks, Bibs, Formula, Juice, Sippy Cups

Anyone with a baby knows any car ride past an hour can be really smooth or really loud. But Bauer did great and didn't start getting fidgety until we were about 10 minutes from the hotel.

He had an absolute blast in the pool and loved watching the ocean waves. It was too cold to get in and play. He and daddy are quite the water acrobatics team!!

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