May 21, 2008

Blue Man Group

For Mother's Day Bauer bought Adam and I tickets to Blue Man Group in Orlando. Such a sweet boy!! ha! :) It was awesome. If you haven't been you need to make time and go. We ate at Margaritaville beforehand and we both gave it a 10!!! Halfway through the night we realized that it was the furthest away and the longest time spent away from Bauer. We pretty much talked about him the whole time, but really enjoyed getting a night away. It was fun going on a REAL date again!!


Adam and I have been dying to get back down to Chokoloskee and go fishing. We finally decided to go ahead and go with Bauer and just see what happens!! It's not exactly a beach resort and there isn't much for little people like Bauer to do. But my grandma said she would watch Bauer and we could go fishing with our friend, Redmond, for the day. Oh man, are we glad we went. It was so nice to get away from the house and get out of town for a while. Very refreshing!! Plus , we caught a good amount of fish and saw tons of wildlife, porpoise, sea turtle, shark, & stingray. We had a great time.

May 20, 2008

Praise the Lord Our Shepherd, Provider, and Healer!!

We have finally reached the long awaited day!! On
May 7th we were exactly 6 weeks post-op. YEAH!
YEAH!! YEAH!! Now Bauer is officially recovered! It's estimated that after surgery each week that passes allows for 15%-20% further healing.

It's neat to think that Bauer's palate is pretty much like ours now. He went from a gaping whole in his mouth to a completely closed off palate like anyone else's. It won't function fully for another couple months, but everything is in tact as if it were never cleft. There is a tiny pin-sized whole on his uvula, but they pretty sure it will close on its own.
He will have to go through some muscle/speech therapy to really get everything moving properly, but he's doing great even now.

We're going to start working more on his ability to suck from the sippy cups too. Right now he's still munching on the cut nipple with the Nuby Sippy. He bites down and liquid comes out much faster. Every now and then you'll hear a little suck, but it's not consistent simply because he's never been able to do it. Hopefully, he catches on quickly and we can be on a regular sippy cup by mid-summer.

All in all the 6 weeks post-op with the palate wasn't too bad. We were on constant eggshells with any objects put in his mouth and staying away from certain foods, but it definitley wasn't as strenuous when dealing with the cleaning aspect like with the lip.
It's been incredible how God has guided us through every step, provided all we needed through family, friends, finances, and more, and definitley brought a healing to our son through the miracle of medicine. We still don't know why all of this happened. We may never know, but we have had to trust Him in a way we never have before. I pray when dealing with future surgeries and times of need with Bauer we will remember how powerful God worked and is working in our lives and that He will continue to do so day by day.

May 16, 2008


Bauer has enjoyed his bath since day 1 so we were so excited at the chance to get him into a full-size pool. This past weekend my uncle came in from Oregon and my family all stayed at Longboat Key for the weekend. It really is hilarious the amount of stuff we pack for just a day at the beach!! Here's a brief list:
* stroller/backpack carrier
* exersaucer - just in case he hates the pool
* fun floating boat
* random amount of toys
* sunscreen (50+ - Ultra-block-out-everything-but-the-bacon baby sunblock) - If he has my skin he could come back looking like a little tomato!!
* Sand toys - just in case he has a sudden urge to build a sandcastle !?!
* Enough clothes to last 3 days
* Little Swimmer diapers - no surprises in the pool please!!
* Baby Food, Baby snacks, Bibs, Formula, Juice, Sippy Cups

Anyone with a baby knows any car ride past an hour can be really smooth or really loud. But Bauer did great and didn't start getting fidgety until we were about 10 minutes from the hotel.

He had an absolute blast in the pool and loved watching the ocean waves. It was too cold to get in and play. He and daddy are quite the water acrobatics team!!

May 12, 2008


We're getting closer and closer to that magic "6 weeks" window. I called Bauer's nurse today and she said he could start munching on pieces of toast this week. We have to wet it a little bit with water and smash it down so it's not so coarse. Bauer loved it!! Even though we have the "okay" to do it we still find ourselves being extremely cautious. I just have this fear of his palate being ripped open even though I know deep down that it would take more than a piece of wet toast to do so.

We we're also given permission to take his arm braces OFF FOR GOOD!!! Praise Jesus!! Here lately Bauer had figured out how to dismantle the braces on his own. I would always laugh when we would be in the car and all of a sudden I hear the ripping crunch of velcro straps. A couple seconds later I would see an arm brace being swung around in the air in the rear view mirror. I couldn't exactly put the car on auto-pilot and fix them so I just prayed he didn't find anything other than his fingers to chew on.

The only way we could get them to stay on overnight was putting them under his long-sleeved pajamas. You've got to look for a certain sleeve too. Some sleeves are almost too tight for their arms much less any type of brace. Sometimes it's sad watching him have to sleep with those things, but it has to be done and he really doesn't seem to mind it. It's amazing how the babies adapt so quickly.

May 9, 2008

Jail Time!

Today I looked over while Bauer was playing with his toys and saw this:

I think he was slightly irritated that instead of helping him bust out I took time to find the camera!!

Takin' his motorcycle and cell phone out for a drive!!

Actually, he looks like he's saying, "What, what.....I didn't do it!!"


Those two bottom teeth will make anyone fall in love!!:)

May 5, 2008

Piggy! Piggy!

We are so excited that Bauer can start eating new things. Today we gave him a little bit of banana in one of those mesh baby feeders . You stick any type of soft food inside and the baby just bites and sucks on it. We started with a little bit of banana and by the looks of his shirt you can tell "a little bit" turned into the ENTIRE BANANA!! He loves that thing. Anytime I would take it away to refill it he would just start screaming and shaking like he was going into withdrawals. I kind of do the same thing with Krispy Kreme donuts so I can't blame him. :)

The feeder also allows mom and dad to have 10 minutes or so to eat dinner. Gosh, who ever thought I would be happy with 10 minutes to eat? Actually, I don't know that it would qualify as eating. It's more like shoving as much food in your mouth as fast as possible with hopes that it will last until the next meal! You gotta laugh!

Little Hams at the Hammock!!

Today Bauer went to the Hammock with his buddy Hunter. I have a feeling Adam and I have a little daredevil on our hands. He loves being outside. I'm thinking about just creating a permanent rock wall in the living room. With all the other random baby stuff in there it's not like you would notice it!! :) It's turned into a huge toy box!!

The boys had a blast. They make us laugh so much every time we do something. Though we came close to death climbing up the slide holding babies Aunt La and I had fun too!!

May 2, 2008


You will be amazed at the new sounds your little one will start making within no time. Consonants and vowels come to life and even the pitch and timbre of their voice changes. As the days passed we could tell Bauer was realizing he could manipulate his mouth more and more. He is constantly playing with his tongue against the roof of his mouth. His laugh and scream have always been loud, but now it's getting louder and higher!!!
We are excited to get started with the speech therapy. I can't imagine how much more he'll be able to do after that. The surgeon has told us several times that if the babies are in a speech environment early on that their abilities should be close to 99% normal by school time. We may try and look for a therapist that specializes in cleft children, but for now we are going to use our local resource, EARLY STEPS. Check your area for early intervention teams. It makes a huge difference for your child. I've been around kids who didn't get the therapy they needed and even at 5 years old you could barely understand what they were saying.

Today he was watching me chase Gator and for some reason thought it was hilarious!!

Mmmmm! Good!!

Now that Bauer can eat solids without shooting them through his nose :) we're trying all kinds of new stuff. I think I've mentioned before that there is an eating schedule the hospital will give you before checking out. It shows what and when your child can eat. Anything thin and pourable is allowed within the first 10 days. We didn't really try much other than milk, pedialyte, and apple juice the first week or so . Didn't want to chance any food getting clogged on sutures and stuff. But at this point we were about 3 weeks post-op so he was eating and loving most things..............................................MOST THINGS!! HA! :) :)

May 1, 2008


We've spent the last couple of days on outside adventures!! Highlands Hammock State Park is near our house and we decided to make a day of it. I found this bike attachment at a garage sale before Bauer was born. He really liked it until about half-way through the ride. The peaceful, calming ride outdoors turned into a screaming baby and mommy peddling like Lance Armstrong trying to get back to the truck. I'm just glad his cry for help didn't attract any momma bears!! :)

I don't think the seat is made for little ones under a year. I think he was just getting super uncomfortable.
After we finished our record-setting speed ride we had some rest time on the benches. It was such a beautiful day!!

Boys Boys Boys

Bauer was so glad his friend, Hunter, stopped by to say hi today. He is one of Bauer's best buds. They just start laughing when they see each other. It's like they're thinking, "Oh man, I don't know what your name is, but I know I've seen you before!"

Hunter is much more mobile than the Bauer man. He will bounce and crawl all over the place. Bauer just sits and waits like a venus fly trap until Hunter gets close enough to grab and he pulls him in. People always say, "work smarter, not harder!" ha! ha! That's what I like to think he's doing anyway. HA!!

Beware the Power of Bauer!!

We call Bauer's arm restraints his POWER BRACES. When you purchase these go ahead and get at least 2 pair. Now that he is eating solids they get dirty a lot faster. After the first surgery he wasn't eating all the fun colorful, stinky stuff so we didnt' need to worry to much about it.

But now he ends up smashing all kinds of yummy fruits and veggies into the cloth.

Also, some babies may be moving and crawling by now. It's amazing what these things pick up off the floor.


Bauer's lovely locks are starting to not look so lovely. Adam has trimmed it a few times, but it's always a jack-in-the-box surprise as to what it will look like the next day. Could be spiky. Could look like he was electrocuted. Who knows. So we decided to let the professionals do their job.

We took Bauer to Adam's barber. And though he does a great job, it's a little different when a squirming 8 month old is in your chair. I think the man was just praying, "God, please, don't let me send this kid home with one eye!!" I was praying, "God, please don't let Bauer look like a blind man cut his hair."
Thank goodness both our prayers were answered :). Well, for the most part. The front of Bauer's hair was cut at about a 30 degree angle. But you can't really blame the barber. Bauer wouldn't hold still long enough to let him even it out. Oh well. It's still pretty cute.


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