April 17, 2008

Will they ever eat?

After last night Bauer is now eating on a more regular schedule. Don't be discouraged if your child is reluctant to take in their normal about of food. It would probably amaze us to know how tender their little mouths are. I remember with the lip surgery it took about the same amount of time for him to start eating. Like I said before, you don't want them to dehydrate, but they will eat when they can. YOU WILL FIND A WAY TO FEED THEM!! Some babies only want the spoon. Some the spoon and sippy. Some the syringe and spoon. Who knows. I even had a friend of mine say they used a paper cup pinched together pouring it into his mouth. Some parents like the Ross Nipple too.

I will say that we were very glad we had Bauer completely on the sippy cup before going into surgery. So he was familiar with it and that was his new official way of eating. If you have time I would highly recommend getting them off the bottle before going. It will be one of the most frustrating things you ever do. I lost count on how many times a day I had to pray for patience, but it's totally worth it.

Some families don't have time between the lip surgery and palate. Another friend of mine had her daughter's lip done in late January and the palate in March. So she only had about 2 weeks to work with after the lip healed. That's just not possible. But I think she finally took to the Ross Nipple and did pretty good. Bauer was never crazy about the Ross. It lets liquid out way too fast for him. But some babies love it.

We had to remember advice some people gave us: JUST TAKE IT DAY BY DAY.

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