April 9, 2008

We've Busted Out!!

The hotel room felt like a Sandals Resort and Spa compared to the hospital. Adam and I could finally lay down and not be in the fetal womb position!!
My grandma got up here today so between both grandmas being here Adam and I got a little bit of shut-eye this afternoon. So nice. We're so thankful they are both here. It's been a huge help.

He's still not feeding quite as much as we would like. It seems like he just wants to sleep all day. I would too if I just went through what he did. We do have to keep an eye on him getting enough fluids throughout the day because the babies can easily dehydrate after surgery. We're doing what we can.
Tonight he had some daddy cuddle time and got his first bath in 3 days. You can tell it kind of revived him. Nothing like a fresh bath!!

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