April 17, 2008

Trying to get home early!

Okay so we found out our post-op check up appt. was moved up a day and we didn't want to stay in the hotel any more nights than necessary. So I called the airlines and some woman said it would be about $400 for all of us to get an earlier flight. Well that made our decision real easy. Another night it would be.... Then my grandma suggested to call again and see if someone else will give us any other options. I called back and told this girl Linda about our situation and that we would love to try and get Bauer home sooner than later. With really no questions she said, we'll let me see if I can work some magic. Next thing I know she says, "Okay, flights are changed for all 4 and I hope your son does well. Have a wonderful day." I couldn't believe it. NO COST FOR ANYTHING!!!! God just continues to supply all we need and more. Awesome!

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