April 22, 2008

So Proud!!

On the way home from the airport Adam and I just took a huge sigh of relief. We almost couldn't believe it was finally done. I remember in August crying and thinking how far away surgery was and feeling like it was never going to be over. The last 8 months of our lives have definitely been incredibly crazy, but we've finally arrived at the "end of the tunnel". At least for a good while. We look back and can't believe how the Lord abundantly provided with finances, relationships, doctors, hospitals, transportation, hotels, support from family and friends, and such a beautiful, strong little boy.

We are so proud of Bauer. He has taken everything that has been thrown at him and done so well. I've said many times how amazing it is the strength the Lord gives little ones. I know he will never remember everything that has gone on, but we will. We'll never forget how humbled we've been by his courage and determination and the flood of grace and comfort God has placed over our family.

The Lord has blessed our lives so much in one of the most difficult times we'll ever go through. I remember when Bauer was born feeling like all the joy had been sucked out of us. "How were we going to get through it? What was God doing? Why?

Amazingly, we've grown closer as a family and have come to see Christ and His promises take hold of our hearts and lives. If I've taken anything from this time it's learning to honestly and completely trust what God says. He DOES have a plan for our lives. He IS in control. He ISN'T going to leave us. If He can guide us step by step through this, He can handle my day to day stuff just as well.
He doesn't only want to be there for me in times of need, but with every breath I take. He created us and will always take care of us. He calls us his children for a reason. As a FATHER and SAVIOR He's there in the good, the bad, the ugly, the fun, the miserable, and any other day and night that comes 'round. The Lord said, "I'm the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews 13:8

We are no more special than anyone else. Our situation isn't any more important than what you may be going through. We just want you to be encouraged and know that whatever the Lord allows in your life He will also supply all you need to get through it. It's not always the smoothest or easiest road. Definitley not one I would choose or even agree with sometimes, but know that He will walk beside you the whole way even when you feel alone.
Praise the Lord for His perfect unconditional love. We wouldn't have gotten through this without Him.

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