March 12, 2008


Well, here we go again. We had to make sure we fed Bauer no less than 3 hours before the suture removal b/c even though it was only about a 20 minute procedure they still had to sedate him. You should receive information like this and more in a packet from your hospital about 2 weeks before going in.
Bauer can only have clear liquids 3 hours before surgery. i.e. breast milk, apple juice, infant pedia-lite. Also, all of this information changes depending on the age of your child at the time of your appointment. Make sure you double check the list ahead of time b/c it could delay the surgery.

These are pics of right before and after suture removal. His lip looked amazing. We couldn't believe how perfectly it came together. There are still certain sutures on his lip and inside his nose that have to dissolve over the next couple weeks so we still have to make sure everything stays clean, but the best part is WE CAN GO HOME NOW!!

By the way, Bauer took to the bottle right after he woke up. We were so VERY VERY THANKFUL.

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