March 25, 2008

Sometimes you just have to laugh!!

Well, as always, with Adam and I it’s an adventure. We learned a very valuable lesson on this last flight………………………………………………………..BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS EARLY!!!!! I think our seat numbers were 105 A & B. Ha!! As we kept walking back towards the plane I began to wonder how far back the seat numbers really went. We passed the front and middle sections and then came up on our seats. THE VERY LAST TWO!! Yep, the seats where you can’t hear anything because the engines are 3 feet behind you. That was us. Oh and there wasn’t any window. So now we can’t hear or see anything. But wait….what’s that smell????? Oh , it’s the bathroom right behind me. Yeah, that door my elbow keeps brushing up against. Oh man , we had to laugh. The only seat that could have possibly been worse was actually sitting on the toilet!!! It was pretty funny.
And once again Bauer made good use of all clothing that was packed. He peed through two shirts and two pairs of pants. All we had left was one pair of pants. No shirt. Nice. I can see the movie title now……..The Clampetts go to Boston. I could almost sense the thoughts of people in the terminal….
” That poor child. His parents should be arrested. Who brings a baby on a plane without any clothes on?” If they only knew. We were just glad it was on our way to Florida and not Boston. At least it wasn’t cold outside. You just had to laugh.

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