March 12, 2008


We were actually surprised to see how well Bauer slept while wearing his Arm Braces and Logans Bow. At first we weren't sleeping very well b/c we were constantly up re-strapping his braces making sure he wasn't touching his lip. Usually they would just fall down his arm and eventually fall off at night. But we finally figured out that if we put them under the sleeves it was a lot less likely to happen. We couldn't have done this without the BUTTON-UP tops. I really couldn't figure out the huge advantage in having the button-ups until this point. You can't put his arm under a regular sleeve with the braces on. Babies are flexible, but not Gumbi.

With his arm under the sleeve the braces rarely fell down and he was a lot less likely to scratch himself with the velcro. Trust me, after everything he and you will go through you don't want any chance of ANYTHING messing up his lip.
We felt a lot more comfortable letting him sleep by himself with the sleeves protecting him.


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Sabra's Blog..... said...

Could you please tell me who makes Button Ups? Thanks.


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